The "Secret Circle" series follows 16-year-old Cassie, who moves from California to live with her grandmother in Chance Harbor, Washington after her mother dies in a murderous fire. Cassie is in a daze at Jane's wake.Diana hasn't told the others she's a Blackwell because she's not ready to accept it. THE 33 is a solid unremarkable film that could have been better with more background on the miners. A father and two sons come together under one roof as they try to process the loss of their wife and mother (Isabelle Huppert), a famous war photographer who displayed signs of depression.  She died three years ago in a car accident.
Speaking more of the internal noise within the characters, LOUDER THAN BOMBS (also the title of a famous 1987 rock album from The Smiths) is an ironically quiet portrait of a family. The idea that we are unsure of the outside world, or even grander concepts, is the basis of ROOM.
The one thing you’ve probably heard the most is the acting in this movie, and yes, I will join the choir and add that it is fantastic. For those who saw the news coverage and remember any incident involving a kidnapped woman, held against her will, and then released years later, they’ll relate to Larson’s predicament. Aside from the acting, ROOM is never boring, finding pain and joy in the simplest of things. Audio Commentary with Director Lenny Abrahamson, Cinematographer Danny Cohen, Editor Nathan Nugent and Production Designer Ethan Tobman: Despite the wealth of folks in on this commentary, it’s a bit dry. Some time ago, John Munn (Dermot Mulroney, ABOUT SCHMIDT) moved his sons to Georgia to live a life of quiet isolation.
UNDERTOW is the third feature from David Gordon Green, who previously helmed 2000’s GEORGE WASHINGTON and 2003’s ALL THE REAL GIRLS. While portions can be overdone at times (consider the opening credits, which are sporadically filtered for no apparent reason, or the sudden freeze frames which don’t lend to much), there is so much that runs without flair that the entire story feels as authentic as the dirt under the characters’ fingers.
Now more than 15 years and 11 films into his career, David Gordon Green has more than proved an essential and generally reliable presence in both independent and mainstream cinema. One night, Sara Price (Natalie Dormer, who plays Margaery Tyrell on HBO’s GAME OF THRONES) gets a phone call informing her that her sister’s employer has filed a missing persons report. It’s there that she meets a reporter named Aiden (Taylor Kinney, NBC’s CHICAGO FIRE), who has a few demons of his own. As expected (perhaps even just from the poster), THE FOREST attempts to offer its biggest thrills through images that suddenly flash on the screen and score cues that suddenly shriek from the speakers. THE FOREST marks the feature debut of Jason Zada, whose name you may not recognize but whose work you have likely been forced to see by an officemate: Zada had a large role in creating Elf Yourself, the website that allows you to upload a picture onto an elf’s body and watch it dance around for as long as your day allows—it’s about as good for a laugh as THE FOREST is for a scare.
This is a poorly written movie that, when it’s not jumping at the viewer for frights, is reminding them that they aren’t smart enough to remember the basic premise.
Despite all of the potential in the source and the promising casting of Dormer, THE FOREST accomplishes very little. Feature commentary with director Jason Zada: Zada offers a decent and informative track that fans of THE FOREST will enjoy. SPOILERS will be abundant and anyone who plans to watch the series for the first time should not read any further.  You have been warned.
One of the great things about the show is that there are many grey areas when it comes to good and bad.  Or perhaps I should say there are many shades of black when it comes to bad. During the recuiting process and upon request, accommodation for applicants with disabilities is available . Determining objectives and priorities for police services, after consultation with the detachment commander or his or her designate. Establishing any local policies with respect to police services, after consultation with the detachment commander or his or her designate. Austrian born, he studied art in Toronto and spent a number of years in illustrating and production positions before undertaking freelance assignments and opening his own studio. Neil studied at the Slade School of Art in his native London, England, and moved to Canada in 1958. Craig, a resident of Perth, Ontario, is internationally known for his realistic paintings of Canada, especially for a series of paintings of Ontario railroad stations and steam engines; in fact, his first job after graduating from high school was as an office boy for the Canadian Pacific Railway.
Randy was born in Germany in 1956 and attended Concordia University, where he obtained a degree in Fine Arts.
Pierre was born in Ottawa, Ontario in 1961 and studied Fine Arts at the University of Quebec in Hull, Quebec. John was born in Renfrew, Ontario but moved away at a young age because of his father's military career.
Marillyn Saffery was born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa and immigrated to Canada in 1970.
A graduate of Toronto's Ontario College of Art and Design, Karole Marois continued her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence Italy, where she was particularly inspired by the expression of the human spirit in the art of the Renaissance.
Learn more about the great services and products available in Downtown Pembroke and the Ottawa Valley with more than 50 exhibitors. Like all other municipalities across the province, the City of Pembroke has been proactive in preparing and constantly reviewing and updating its official Emergency Plan.
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If you have a general inquiry regarding a by-law listed above, please contact our Municipal By-law Enforcement Officers at (613) 735-6821 Ext. The City of Pembroke’s By-law Enforcement Services team is committed to serving, protecting and providing a desired quality of life for residents of the city. Purchasing is responsible for the procurement of a large variety of goods and services at competitive prices and to maintain integrity and fairness in the selection of vendors and contractors. Nestled on the shores of the beautiful Ottawa River, the marina offers several amenities including gasoline, oil, river charts, pump-out, public washrooms and boater showers and laundry facility. Navigational rivercharts of the Ottawa River are available for sale at the Pembroke Marina from May to Thanksgiving, or at the Recreation Department at 393 Pembroke Street W (Pembroke Memorial Centre) year round. Follow blue and white signs for the Waterfront (anchor or Amphitheatre symbols) from Hwy 17, turn north off Lake Street towards the Ottawa River. Pembroke is blessed with a beautiful urban forest, and local forester Robin Cunningham describes most of the common species found here, as well as some of the outstanding specimen trees we have in our city. Communities In Bloom is a Canadian beautification and environmental awareness program that provides information and education in order to instill civic pride and community appreciation of our surroundings. The civic beautification program encourages residents and businesses of municipalities to take pride in their communities, and each year participants are judged on their efforts in 8 different categories, including: Tidiness, Community Involvement, Environmental Effort, Natural and Heritage Conservation, Urban Forestry, Landscaped Areas, Floral Displays, and Turf and Groundcover Areas. Pembroke has received special recognition for its Floral Displays, Environmental Effort, Tidiness, Community Involvement and Heritage Conservation.
This program has helped Pembroke to blossom, and it is because of the efforts of the local committee that is made up entirely of VOLUNTEERS.
If you would like to be part of this exciting program, please contact the City of Pembroke at 735-6821 x 1510. For further information about Communities in Bloom, please click here for the Canadian web site. A sneak peek a some entertainment this year will include a horse-drawn wagon ride and a live show from Little Ray's Reptiles. Blackwell tells Cassie and Diana that the only way to stop the Witch Hunters is to use their Balcoin blood to unleash the Crystal Skull.
Cassie tells her she's always treated her like family and if she is her sister, she'll be happy about it. She's sure with her grandfather dead, her mom would have found it.Faye finds a journal and reads the entry from 1995 about being deeply in love. Adam joins them and asks them to waitress at a hockey function at the Boat House tomorrow.Cut to a young man running for his life through the woods as he's pursued by men with flashlights. They are playing soccer, having a meal, enjoying some music and discussing what lies ahead.
The group soon learns that the escape ladders are missing and communication is nonexistent.
There is nice contrast between the darkness of the mine and the sheer brightness of the desert. You hear the director, production designer and visual effects supervisor going over how they achieved this and how to make it realistic. The boys are going through a room full of her old photographs that have yet to be developed or downloaded before turning them over to a writer who wants to publish a story about her.  Gene (Gabriel Byrne), a father and school teacher, is having difficulty explaining to his youngest son that his mother may have intentionally caused the car accident that killed her.
As the lone child in the story (yes, for these purposes a teenager is still a child), he is the innocent one in the mess. The complication of her character’s depression in relation to her work and family is far more compelling when kept in deeper mystery.  The flashbacks slow the film down and actually make her less sympathetic, all of which loses focus on our main protagonists. I won’t even begin to try and regurgitate his masterful, and artful, point-by-point breakdown behind his theory. She runs through the gambit of emotions as a mom first, and battered, bruised woman second. Director Lenny Abrahamson seems to work best playing with utter silence, letting the soundtrack and facial reactions of our actors work our senses. It only moves fluidly when everyone is talking at once and chiming in with thoughts and observations.
We get interviews talking about creating the room, giving the room its own character and how the two human characters interact with it. The sons, Chris (Jamie Bell, who made his debut four years earlier in BILLY ELLIOT) and Tim (Devon Alan, who had appeared in episodes of CSI and ER), are barred from leaving the property. While his debut marked him as a young name to watch and its follow-up as someone who could adeptly manage onscreen relationships, UNDERTOW stands out as a solidifier. At times, he is reminiscent of Terrence Malick, who was a significant influence on Green (and who served as producer here). A portion of this comes from frequent Green collaborator cinematographer Tim Orr, who has the ability to make the landscapes seem so spacious and yet the scenarios so confined.
After coming across evidence that Jess would have indeed visited Suicide Forest, Sara and Aiden decide to have an overnight stay. It just doesn’t want to take the time to care about the characters, the inspirations or giving the audience an enjoyable time at the movies.
Because there is a lot of wickedness happening in this universe, I thought this list would be easier, but when I finished, I was torn about some of my characters. The practice of accepting unsolicited applications for employment adds to our costs, has legal implications and gives the incorrect impression that all unsolicited applications will be considered for every employment opportunity.
Did you know that you can now start an apprenticeship in a skilled occupation while earning credits towards a graduation diploma? Did you know that you can save training time and $$$ by sponsoring a high school student who has decided to pursue a career in a skilled occupation?
Call you local high school co-op or guidance office or contact your school board OYAP Co-ordinator. He has produced many commercial and advertising projects and designed greeting cards, books, and magazines. At the age of 18, he began his career as a professional artist when he was commissioned to paint a billboard for Renfrew County Coach Lines. Campbell has won 22 artistic merit awards over the years: his paintings are in great demand by galleries, corporations, and private collectors.
His first mural was in Montreal, on a building since demolished, but he has done other murals in Quebec City, Quebec and St. He attended high school in Kapuskasing, Ontario and Pembroke, and he is currently enrolled in Fine Arts at the University of Waterloo, Ontario. After painting his first mural in his parents' basement, Pierre has continued to paint murals full-time since 1984 and has over 40 murals to his credit. Several exhibitions of her figurative artwork have highlighted her interest in painting people, and Karole has numerous commissions to her credit, in particular historical murals painted for Parks Canada and the National Museums. Yet natural disasters, such as floods or tornadoes, technological or environmental accidents such as chemical spills, or service disruptions, like the massive power blackout in August 2003, can strike any community, including ours, at anytime. The plan provides guidance to key officials, agencies and departments within the city regarding the expected initial response to a serious, large-scale emergency and an overview of what their individual responses should be. During an emergency situation, it is important to know how to keep our animal companions safe.

But what happens in the event of a major emergency? Suddenly these tools can become vital in helping you and your family deal, get in touch, and stay informed. This will make it easier to reach important contacts, such as friends, family, neighbours, child's school or insurance agent. The event will feature Ontario Wines by Pelee Island and Megalomaniac, Ivanhoe cheese by Gay Lea Foods, meats from Ullrich's and olive oil samplings from Urban Gourmet. With local landmarks and hockey obstacles, golf enthusiasts will enjoy 18 holes of family fun with a touch of competition thrown in. They ensure that each year a local competition is held between the residents, businesses and institutions, that there is an annual Community Clean-up, and that the public is aware of the overall importance of this program.
A wide variety of family activities are offered along with musical entertainment at the Waterfront before a spectacular fireworks display at Riverside Park, followed by an outdoor movie on a three-story screen.
Families of seven, for example, making between $48,000 to $52,000 a year could qualify for a $540 annual credit if they use electric heat.
Find out what’s going on, where and when, by checking for information at your local recreation centre or seniors centre, and there will be posters everywhere. Diana is reluctant, but Cassie convinces her its the only way to help their friend, but she'll need to tap into her dark magic to do it. Diana doesn't seem to feel the same.Jake comes in angrily making a scene over witch hunters. We see Ebben is leading the chasing pack.John Blackwell visits Cassie at the coffee shop to check up on her.
The best part about it was that it had a happy ending with all of the miners being rescued. So this basically tells the audience that this is not a safe job and these men risk their life every day doing it. Minister of Mining Laurence Golborne (Rodrigo Santoro) is asked by President Sebastian Pinera (Bob Gunton) to oversee the matter and get involved. He sets the right mood with mournful ambience when needed and joyful exuberance when there’s much needed hope. The oldest son, Jonah (Jesse Eisenberg), has a wife and new son, both of whom he seems to be avoiding and wishes to keep his mother’s possible suicide a secret from his brother and the rest of the world.  Conrad (Devin Druid) is a troubled teenager who prefers to lock himself in his room, playing video games and avoiding his father. If you like intimate, reflective struggles in family dramas then LOUDER THAN BOMBS is worth seeing.  It’s not the best of its genre but does have some nice moments. There’s a certain fear that the shock of finding out that the vast world outside those cold walls may ruin everything. There’s a fine line that child actor’s tow and Tremblay never comes close to crossing the line into obnoxious territory. Watching Jack grow up along with her in their imprisonment, watching her thirst for freedom, and then their hand-in-hand journey back into the world we know is a near-perfect story.
There is this unshakeable feeling that there’s more that could have been done or that there’s more we could have learned. They will soon be joined by Deel Munn (Josh Lucas, Ang Lee’s HULK), John’s brother, who the boys never knew existed.
It has been nicknamed Suicide Forest because of the large quantity of people that go there to kill themselves.
And so Sara hops on the first flight out of Honolulu and heads for Japan so she can solve the mystery.
Despite warnings from locals to not deviate from the path, well, you know…Enter the ghosts, spirits and apparitions. But the screenwriters (Ben Ketai, Sarah Cornwell and Nick Antosca) do far too little with it. I’ve never been as excited about anything in entertainment as I have been about a new season of “Game of Thrones.” With the start of season 6 happening soon (Sunday, April 24 on HBO), I thought it would be a good time to reflect on the Top Ten Villains from Game of Thrones… so far. Yes, Jamie Lannister may have pushed Bran Stark out the window in episode one, but he also has turned his life around, saving Brienne of Tarth and his little brother Tyrion from certain doom. He is arguably one of the primary catalyst for the events of the entire show.  Foolishly ordering the death of Ned Stark put the already budding war in Westeros into an irreversible motion.
In his earlier days, he painted in a renaissance style of the great masters, and was an accomplished portraitist. After a stint in Toronto, Ontario, he returned to Pembroke and worked as a designer for Eddy Match and for Canadian Forces Base Petawawa.
He has created murals on walls, on panels, out of tiles, and in other media and has won the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Award for figurative painting two years in a row. David is currently painting murals across Canada, and most recently completed work for a large restaurant chain.
John attended Sheridan College in Oakville and graduated from a commercial arts course at Assinaboine College in Manitoba. She studied fine arts in Johannesburg at the University of the Witwatersrand, and much later studied Art Therapy at the University of Western Ontario in London. Knowing what to do when a disaster strikes will help you better control the situation and be in a better position to recover more quickly.
Featured exhibits will include Friday the 13th superstitions and artwork by the Deep River Potters Guild and Tara Chant. MPAC has taken the necessary precautions to ensure that only basic property information along with current value assessment is available to viewers. Operational throughout the spring and summer, the course is lit for evening enjoyment as well.
As of 2015, the local program was renamed Keeping Pembroke Beautiful, and the goal is to maintain the momentum and successes acheived! A family in the same situation making less than $28,000, would get back $900 under the program. McCool Business Park has been chosen by various industries and services to the mutual benefit of both the businesses and the community. He asks the foreman Luis (Lou Diamond Phillips) if he can work on his day off to get more money. Laurence tells the families of the miners that the government will do everything in its power to get them out. As it is with most teens, getting to know Conrad is more complex than their surfaced attitude. But there is one thing that I’ve taken from his lesson that everyone can at least understand. Jack’s only idea of the outside world is a ceiling window and the sounds of an unknown male voice when he’s in hiding.
How will he react and will he be too paralyzed with awe and apprehension to carry it all out?
He has since, for the most part, reintroduced himself to his initial followers with works like PRINCE AVALANCHE and JOE.) It is the sort of daring, bold and fascinating picture that meshes some of the most compelling matters found in family dramas, Southern Gothic tales and, to a degree, children’s books. They complete the task of introducing the forest and outlining its prominence, but that’s the easy part. As positions become available, they will be posted on this website, advertised in local newspapers and other applicable trades sites, with the appropriate contact information for applicants. However his unique ability to capture wildlife in its natural habitat soon made him one of the most sought-after wildlife artists in North America.
Generally self-taught, Robin returned to school in his early thirties to study art and graduated with honours. Rob assisted mural artist Robin Burgesse in 1990, and he worked with Pierre Hardy in 1991 before undertaking his own mural in the same year.
Assemble a pet emergency kit and make arrangements for your pet in the event that you must evacuate. He asks her if she wants to go mini-golfing some time.At the Boat House, everyone gets ready for the hockey function.
He has an unpleasant exchange with Maria after he says that they won’t do anything after earlier attempts failed. I found myself wanting to spend more time with Conrad and his relationship with the other characters. But ROOM isn’t about that tension because if you’ve seen the trailer or heard the Oscar buzz, you know that they will make it out. Watching him react to all his new surroundings and family members is in in of itself a roller coaster of emotions. When this is brought up, Deel seems to turn dangerous—then, we, as much as John, knows he had this trait all along.
What is more difficult is making a horror movie based around Aokigahara and its hauntings while still remaining sensitive and respectful to the victims. Those who don’t struggle with their decisions nor have remorse for their actions are prime candidates.
She has taught art, enjoys designing and painting theatre sets for local productions, paints, and has a private art therapy practice. Tickets are $10 per person and can be purchased at the Champlain Trail Museum or from a Board Member.
Frontages can be purchased from 60 feet upwards for less than half the price of a city building lot. The real sinister plot in the series are the parents of the teenagers who have an agenda of their own.
She draws the symbol on the floor and then immediately sees her young mom walk by holding the crystal, shouting for Elizabeth.At Diana's, Cassie tells her about seeing her mom calling for Diana's. He thinks the Elders will be suspicious of them and might strip their powers, too, so they can't just ask for help.They make plans to go visit their respective grandparents.
Grant the hot Aussie comes by and sends Diana a flute of sparkling cider then asks to whisk her away.
John suggest Cassie's grandmother might know more.Faye visits Lee's shop and runs into Eva.
You do get drawn into the story, but you are held at arms length because you don’t know too much about the miners to be deeply invested in them. We see the “world” through his eyes and we, the viewer, know the tragic truth, but Jack does not.
Inevitably, questions are asked and the dynamic in the house shifts and actions are done that cannot be undone.
The only reason I felt I needed to include him is because Daenerys needed an enemy on the list and the Sons of the Harpy were just too general and faceless.
Diana bails on the hockey function and goes with him.The boy who was being chased shows up at Jake's place and Jake immediately attacks him, asking what he's doing there.
His captain is letting them him borrow the boat for a romantic trip to the San Juan Islands.
Faye tries to open a door and Eva yells at her, then, when Faye's back is turned, she flings a glass canister at her head with magic. Dario (Juan Pablo Raba) is a drill operator who is estranged from his sister Maria (Juliette Binoche). Obviously, this list is pretty dark as most of these characters have done some pretty despicable deeds.  I couldn’t give everyone a spot and the order is definitely debatable.
He takes out a dagger to protect him from Nick if he comes back.Charles checks that Diana is staying away from Blackwell.
Diana thinks she has to cancel, but Adam and Melissa say they can go to her grandmother's alone.Creepy Callum the witch groupie stops Melissa on the street.
She uses magic to help fling the guy across the room, but Jake explains he's a friend.He's Samuel, a witch hunter. It narrowly misses Faye and she leaves.Faye meets with Diana and Melissa over coffee and suggests Eva did something to Lee. When these men enter the mine they are joined by a Bolivian named Carlos Mamani (Tenoch Huerta). He is a man who is subject to much ridicule from the other guys and doesn’t hold their respect. Callum gives Jake a hard time and Jake throws him against a tree, but Melissa diffuses the whole situation.Cassie comes home to find Jane already there. We need to find those last two crystals," she says.Faye sets her sights on her mom's purse and her happy pills. She says it's hard being around Adam right now, but he wants to know why since she's not supposed to remember her feelings for him after the elixir.

Generations ago, a seer witch cursed the Connants and the Blakes to stop them from ever coming together. Charles is worried about letting the most evil man they know get that much power.Later, Melissa is the first to the house.
Faye joins them and they drive off, none of them noticing Callum following on a motorcycle.In Melissa's grandmother's house they find she has a boatload of crystals, just regular ones. He tells her to go talk to him and think hockey.She shoves Faye aside and Adam talks through her, showing off hockey knowledge and total recall for Kyle's own moves in games.
He's totally dumbfounded and impressed, as is the table full of players.Grant breaks into a hockey rink with Diana. His parents kept them away from him, they said he was crazy.When he doesn't answer, they use magic to get in to his cabin. He explains his dad taught him to sail, but they don't get along.She says it must be great to live a life of adventure and he invites her to come with him. Faye thinks it was just something the parents said to keep the kids from having sex.Jake wakes up at his place hearing voices. There are stacks of newspapers everywhere and a giant conspiracy wall "from Salem to Satan and a lot of weird crap in between." Cassie notices a piece of paper on the wall with the names of the Circle and their birthdates. He invites her to his boat, but she says no.Blackwell comes to Cassie's house to talk to Samuel, who they have tied up in the kitchen. When Adam comes in, Nick knocks Melissa over and runs.Blackwell talks to Dawn, thinking Charles is the problem. She opens the bottle -- and finds her family's crystal.Back at the house, Faye brings it to the group.
He also thinks John killed Diana's mom, Elizabeth, that night.Jake, Cassie and Faye are still in the cabin when his grandfather comes home. Blackwell talks to him alone.Blackwell tests Samuel, who passes by saying Ebben is working with a witch. She points out people saw him fighting with Charles and will know it's him if something happens to Charles.
Jake doesn't mention that he killed him.Dawn invites Charles over to share the news about John Blackwell. They figure Adam's grandfather's is cloaked.Blackwell says there's a spell to re-juice Faye's but they need the whole circle. He says Ebben has become paranoid and is worse than the witches they were trying to stop.He plans to summon the demons at Harbor Woods, just like Blackwell did 16 years ago. They know Blackwell tried to give the demons bodies of witches so they could walk among people. She's not sure doing what Blackwell says is the best idea.Adam goes through his grandfather's stuff with Melissa. Diana invites Grant over later.Charles gets a call -- it's the conversation Cassie had with Amelia the night she died. Faye joins Kyle playing darts and, with Adam's magic help, throws a bulls eye and helps Kyle do the same.Blackwell admits to Cassie that he summoned the demons, but there was no sacrifice, his blood was enough.
Melissa's solution is booze.At the house, Diana shows up and announces to Faye and Jake that Blackwell is her dad. He wanted to use the demons to stop the witch hunters, but they wanted to possess the circle. He gets freaked out when he thinks he sees Calvin's reflection in a mirror on the wall.At Lee's house, Faye, Diana and Melissa look in Lee's trunk and find nothing. Jake tells her about his grandfather's theory that Blackwell had two children in the circle. Amelia spelled the demons and trapped them before they took over the circle.Blackwell says they have to seal the ground where the demons come up.
Sixteen years ago a Balcoin descendant named John Blackwell tried to corrupt the circle with dark magic to kill witch hunters.He never believed that Blackwell could have been outsmarted, he knew he had to corrupt the circle from within. Cassie still doesn't know her dad has magic, so he tells her to gather the circle at the abandoned house.At the hockey function, Kyle's girlfriend joins them. A cop pulls up and asks for registration.Diana talks to the cop, saying her friend is a distraught ex and blah blah blah. The sinks starts spraying and his stove flames, lighting his kitchen on fire just life Amelia's. Adam confronts Kyle for flirting with Melissa and Faye all night and not appreciating having a girlfriend in the first place. If the two other circles were turned to darkness like this one and they're brought together, it would tip the balance of power in the war between good and evil.Jake thinks his grandfather is kooky, but Cassie listens. Adam throws a punch, but it's quickly broken up.In the storage room, Melissa and Faye confront Adam, who says he's just on edge. She asks about the crystals.He says his crystal is in a mine and spelled so that no witch with dark magic can go near it.
The six crystals form a crystal skull, the most powerful form of magic in the world.Diana prepares for her date with Grant, but Adam calls.
She finds him with a man who says he's the captain.Grant is forced to admit he lied to her, he's just the crew.
He takes it down, remembering a trick his grandfather used to do.He tries to recreate it, and manages to cloak the coin. They think Melissa's grandmother spelled her crystal to hide its power, they need her to make their magic stronger to find it.
A cop tries to stop him, but Nick snaps his neck and goes in.In 1995, Amelia tells Elizabeth that John isn't what they thought he was and they shouldn't have trusted him.
Blackwell reminds him they're in public and asks what he's going to do.Charles decks him and knocks him to the ground. Diana just wants five minutes alone, but mocks Cassie, saying whatever is going on with her is more important. Jake offers that Isaac once told him Cassie wasn't the only child of Blackwell in the circle. Cassie tells her about the demons.At the house, they realize Blackwell brought the demons they buried in the suitcase to Chance Harbor.
He dismissed it because it was Isaac.They hear a crash and go in the house and find a window broken and Grandpa's map to the crystal in the mine gone. Adam reminds Jake those mistakes killed his brother.Diana and Cassie arrive and see Blackwell's not there. No one can stop her, except Diana, who shouts at her to stop.Diana reminds Cassie they don't know Ian killed her grandmother. Cassie realizes he's protecting them.Blackwell and Samuel reach the charred earth where he brought up the demons. Ebben killed Isaac because he turned on him.Ebben told Isaac to kill the witch traitor after the traitor helped them summon the demons, but Isaac refused. He asks her to dance.On the dance floor, Faye reminds Jake about him standing her up two years ago. Cassie reminds her how well an attempted truce worked for their parents.Back at the house, Diana says she'll never use her dark magic. Cassie, Diana, Faye and Jake try to find the crystal and see it's near Hudson Fields.Adam tries to remember the uncloaking words. Ebben plans to raise the demons to kill every witch alive, but he plans to kill Blackwell now. She knows he feels guilty about Nick, but she tells him the circle are the ones who didn't help him, not Jake.Still in 1995, Amelia goes to return her crystal to Adam's grandfather. Ebben flings Blackwell through the air then chants and slices his hand.The circle shows up. The coin reappears, as does a secret panel in the wall.Blackwell visits Dawn, and tells her Diana is his daughter. Jake sees Samuel and tries to get him, accidentally breaking the circle in the dirt and letting the demon out.
She tells him she's planning to take Cassie and leave.Amelia confesses that Ethan is turning Blackwell over to the witch hunters right now. With Ebben distracted chanting, the circle tries to keep Samuel in place, but it doesn't work.Cassie tries alone, turning a metal stake into a flame thrower and lighting Samuel. Charles is ready to light the cruet and kill him, but Jane wants to know the truth about Amelia's death first. It seems to be working, but then Samuel douses the flames and picks Cassie up by the throat.Blackwell comes to and yells at Samuel to stop.
She agrees to talk to Charles.Adam opens the secret compartment and finds a box -- but the crystal isn't in it.
But Blackwell raises his hand and uses his magic to burst Samuel into a thousand firey bits.Ebben keeps chanting and takes in the demons. They need the map.Cassie, Diana, Faye and Jake arrive at Hudson Fields, an abandoned amusement park.
Conant tells Amelia he'll cloak the crystal and hide it in the trophy case in case she needs it. She tells him to tell Ethan she doesn't love him, for his own safety.Cassie and Diana now know they're being used, but for what?They come back to the present.
Diana isn't thrilled to go with Cassie.Dawn drops by Charles', playing dumb about Blackwell. But that's not enough for Diana, who says she needs to apologize to the circle and that it's Cassie's fault he's in their lives at all. Charles thinks Blackwell is trying to take Diana away for his own private army of witches.Dawn tells him about Faye stealing her crystal. They hide and let him pass and run, but they circle back around and end up face to face with him and he's armed.He demands the crystal. She says it's their responsibility to stop Blackwell since they brought Cassie back to bind the circle.Faye sees something on a ride. Melissa hands over the crystal and he leaves.Outside, Jake, Faye and Cassie pull up just behind Diana. He rounds a corner and runs into Dawn, then blows by her.Faye and Jake run into them and head for the trophy case. Jake and Cassie go to check on Melissa and Adam, but Cassie and her dark magic can't go into the mine.Faye and Diana try to intercept Callum as he speeds off. Adam says Blackwell was right, they have to go after what they want and be focused on their enemies right now.
He points out she ran away from both of them and the fact the crystal isn't turning black means he's telling the truth.Charles wants to go through with killing John but Jane refuses since he didn't kill Amelia. She's dead.Charles says he had days alone in the house remembering how much Jane hated him.
He spells Charles so he won't remember what happened and says he has use for him or he'd be dead, too. Blackwell sees the whole scene as she breaks down.The circle, minus Diana, follows Nick to a wrecking yard."Why is it always spooky old dirty places with him? If he ever comes back to Chance Harbor again, they'll know.Faye finds John at the house, with the crystal. Cassie sees what's happening and uses dark magic to turn on the junk cars and rip the crystal out of Nick's hand.
Diana needs to take a break from the circle.Cassie tells her if they don't work together they could be killed. He starts racing scrap cars at the circle.Faye and Jake are unprotected as a car barrels toward them. Nick doesn't have the same problem and starts to choke Jake, showing no signs of letting up.Suddenly, he stops. She tells Jake he was right, that wasn't Nick.The rest of the circle converges as Cassie wakes up.

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