Ever since Jon Snow died in the season 5 finale of Game of Thrones, fans have wondered if the red priestess Melisandre can use her magic to bring him back to life. It's time for the heroes to leave the Underworld in Once Upon a Time's "Firebird," and because Rumplestiltskin and Peter Pan have kidnapped Zelena, they should definitely suddenly trust everything Hades tells them. In this episode of The Originals season 3, "No More Heartbreaks," Klaus vows to find a way to save Cami from Lucien's deadly bite and turns to his family and friends for help.
Previously on The Vampire Diaries, Enzo realized he was killing Bonnie by giving her Rayna's blood in order to hide her magic from The Armory.

The team in Legends of Tomorrow might be trying to take down an immortal and villain in Vandal Savage. At the end of season 6 of Dance Moms Maddie and Mackenzie will have their final curtain call as members of the Abby Lee Dance Company.
Official photos for The 100 Season 3 Episode 14, "Red Sky at Morning," airing Thursday, May 5, 2015 on the CW. Unlike the other CBS reality titans, Survivor and Big Brother, The Amazing Race does not involve a lot of scheming.

A relationship with your sister can have a lot of love, but it also likely has a lot of hate.
The most frequent and loudest complaint has been the idea that Arrow will continue without a Black Canary.

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