Cassie is watching her dad stomp around the abandoned house (his old house, as you may recall).
Next up is the age old debate over whether it’s better to receive unpleasant truth or remain in comfortable ignorance.
Then we see Dawn and John meeting up for some sexytimes against the school lockers before launching into a badass supercut. So we open with Faye (Mean Girl) being, well, Faye and dropping a bombshell on Dawn (Evil Parent #1) that Cassie’s dad, John (Evil Sorcerer… uh, Evil parent #3 I guess? Meanwhile Cassie is playing hostess to her father (that would be the Evil Sorcerer guy) and she still has no real reason to trust him but since when has that stopped her? Thankfully discussions about Black Magic, witch hunters and other life and death matters are put aside after, oh, 2 minutes so they can discuss the next school event. Anyway, Diana and Melissa are collecting party gear and meat cute Australian guy called Grant (hereby known as Unnecessary Distraction) whereby Melissa does her side-kick duty and does her best to set Diana up with Grant. In the abandoned house Cassie spies on her father, seeing him hiding something and breaking the furniture, which naturally has to be reported to Adam (Wet lettuce).
But Lee comes to the dance (in between Melissa best friending) and Faye confronts him and makes an excellent line (again!) that she is not one of those sad girls that waits for a guy to choose. Dawn (Evil Parent #1) flirts with John and tries to team up with him to get their powers back.
Conclusion time: Cassie agrees with John, dark magic is dangerous after she was nearly driven to kill Ethan.
Eva confronts Lee in full stalking mode and she has magic – which she uses to curse Lee. THE CIRCLE DOES MAGIC TO FIND THE REMAINING CRYSTALS — When a crystal is magically stolen from the abandoned house, the Circle decides it was the traitor witch working with Eben (guest star Sammi Rotibi) so Jake (Chris Zylka) calls for a meeting with Isaac (guest star JR Bourne) to see if they can get him to change sides. Who do you think the traitor will be in The Secret Circle Season 1, Episode 20 “Traitor”? A WITCH HUNTER TRACKS DOWN A MEMBER OF THE CIRCLE WITH A MESSAGE FOR BLACKWELL — Jake (Chris Zylka) gets a surprise visit from an old acquaintance named Samuel (guest star Chad Rook), a witch hunter, who has a message for Blackwell (guest star Joe Lando) about Eben’s (guest star Sammi Rotibi) surprising next move.
In The Secret Circle Season 1, Episode 18 "Sacrifice", Adam got grumpy, Diana got swindled, and those little snake demon things got raised from the dead!

Diana says that Cassie should take the opportunity to get to know her dad — they would all love the chance to get a parent back.
Y’know, it’s actually kind of hard to see the witch hunters as wrong when so many of the Parents Circle were actually evil) is ALIVE! Too right Faye now turn around and give him your back… except she kisses him instead.
Because Faye and Jake are getting cozy in an creepy fairground and even in 2-D stills, the sexual tension is burning off the screen. Cassie’s (Britt Robertson) loose grasp on her dark magic threatens to destroy any possible alliance when their pursuit of the traitor leads them to the “Creepiest Place on Earth.” Meanwhile, Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) and Jake (Chris Zylka) work together to steal Dawn’s (Natasha Henstridge) crystal, Melissa (Jessica Parker Kennedy) and Adam (Thomas Dekker) pair up and uncover a new magic trick. Cassie (Britt Robertson) intervenes, forces Samuel to reveal his news and is stunned to find out what Eben is trying to resurrect. And how excited are you for The Secret Circle Season 1, Episode 18 “Sacrifice”? Let’s break it down, frame by frame, and maybe by the time we’re done, March 15th will be here, and we can get back to our Secret Circle goodness! He’s the Chance Harbor who has most recently returned — is Cassie beating her father?! I hesitate to say it, but John is kind of the voice of experience Cassie’s dismissing. And of course Diana (Chief Scooby) is organising things with the help of Melissa (Universal side-kick), her trusty servant. Cassie also reconciles with Ada (the Wet Lettuce) with Adam apologising (despite me thinking Adam actually had a point).
Meanwhile, a frustrated Diana (Shelley Hennig) reaches out to Charles (Gale Harold) for help. We’ve seen the episode, and it is HOT!) But the bitchy witchy goodness doesn’t end on Thursday! Meanwhile, Diana (Shelley Hennig) is frustrated that keeping the secrets of who they are is building a barrier between her and Grant (guest star Tim Phillipps). Faye counters by pointing out that they wouldn’t want to get a parent back, if that parent was the devil.

I wonder if Faye and Diana have organised a time share roster with Melissa so they both have their side-kick on hand. This calls for Faye to meet up with Diana and Melissa, so Melissa can play best friend to both of them at once. Adam talks sense about Cassie not taking the power stealing amulet to confront her father with since he has a past history of stealing witch’s power. Jake then takes that to John (Evil Sorcerer), yes Jake is trusting dangerous, possibly evil people, again. We can’t wait to see how this all goes down — tune in to The Secret Circle Season 1, Episode 20 on April 26, 2012 to find out!
Check out the preview photos for The Secret Circle Season 1, Episode 18 “Sacrifice”, and get pumped for next week too! Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) and Melissa agree to help out Adam (Thomas Dekker) at the Boathouse and in return get him to help them use their magic to enhance their love life. Let us know your hypothesis in the comments, and let’s all hang in the forums until the show returns on March 15th!
Melissa and Faye use some magic to get lucky at the Blackjack table just in time for Eva to show up and fine him and Faye together.
After all, she used to be the one doing all these dances and events before she fell into a plot hole and Diana took over. That would be some serious domestic violence stuff though, if she was beating Jake with a board. Considering how his last attempts have involved physics, bad witches, and a whole lotta fire, we can’t wait to see what he’s come up with this time!

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