So yesterday CBS unveiled the latest cast of Survivor – the usual bunch of hunks, babes and token oddballs! But what most interested me about this year’s announcement was the realization that this was season 22 of the veteran reality show. Personally I can’t imagine sticking with a reality show for 22 seasons, since invariably they become somewhat repetitive over time.
For me it’s the formulaic qualities of most reality shows that means they don’t hold up well. By contrast, British Big Brother has sustained itself well over the years – with a series of crazy, innovative twists, and by alternating a regular and celebrity editions.
Are you still watching Survivor – and if not, when did you give up on the show (and why?) How about Top Model, The Amazing Race, or any other veteran reality show. This entry was posted by Richard Drew on August 23, 2011 at 7:52 am, and is filed under OPINION, REALITY.
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Which got me to thinking – is there anyone out there who’s watched every single episode of the franchise?

I sat through 11 cycles of the show, and then came back for cycle 15 – but by the later stages I must admit I was fast forwarding through large chunks of the show (the tedious, heavily sponsored mini challenges, Tyra’s scenery chewing) and going straight to the photo shoots and judging. I adored Project Runway in its first few seasons on Bravo, but the show’s rigidity allowed little room for innovation.
Even out here in the US I still follow the Brit show from afar – it’s a very well made reality show.
I think that’s also the reason American Idol and America’s Got Talent have also stayed at the top of their respective ratings for so long. And do you think any of the newer crop of reality shows stands a chance of lasting as long as these network veterans? I, myself,just don’t have the patience (for some reason) to get engrossed in a new reality series. As I’ve said before here on the site, Top Model’s problem was that it stuck too rigidly to the same old formula for too long. Both has been able to convert themselves into event TV, something to look forward to each year.
I imagine it is almost impossible to come up with a new premise, so the old ones become the basis for new ones and the old ones are usually the best ones!

Managers use cost accounting to supportdecision making to reduce a companys costs of products andservices and improve its profitability. And let’s be honest it’s easier to commit to a show that only 4 months a year, than a series that never seems to go away. These days new editions of Surivors and Top Model seem to crop up so regularly it doesn’t feel like they’re ever off the air! Doctor Doctor creates an oscillator machine that makes bogies explosive, while Victor and Anita are accused of commiting a wedgie attack on the world leaders husband Watch The Season 2 Free Online. Over the next four weeks or so we will be uploading a new chapter per week introducing you to the town of Sleepy Hollow and the Sacred.

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