John Blackwell warns Cassie and Adam that even though they may be destined to end up together, their love is a curse.
Curse was a superb episode of The Secret Circle and I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of character and plot development along with magic, drama and intrigue.
Ashley Crow (Jane Blake) is credited as a series regular for the first time since episode 10.
Trying to remain loyal to both the Circle and her family, Cassie struggles with the secrets she has to keep from her grandmother. This episode was the best of the series so far it had everything Horror, Magic, Drama, Death, Demons. Slither was a great episode of The Secret Circle, though it felt a little forced in some of the acting still.
This week on The Secret Circle (Season 1, Episode 7) Unbeknownst to the teens, Jake and the witch hunters plan to attack the circle at Cassie’s Halloween party, but there are some things about Cassie that the witch hunters (and Cassie) don’t know about her!
Cassie’s grandmother decides to drive out to Henry’s lake house to get information, and Faye convinces Cassie to throw a party while she’s gone. During the party Calvin had tried to warn Cassie she was in danger, only to be stopped by Jake, but we learn from a conversation he has with Adam’s dad that Cassie is stronger than the other teens, in fact, she may have dark magic inside her. Jake warns witch-hunters chief Isaac that Cassie's magic is too strong for the usual methods and that someone else is targeting the kids' circle, is ordered to speed up but insists he must first win her confidence.
This week on The Secret Circle (Season 1, Episode 9) A major secret is revealed that may change the circle forever. Cassie is related to John Blackwell, a very seriously powerful witch with dark magic, and she may not be the only one! Chance Harbor is having an annual fundraising event, so Cassie starts asking her grandmother some magical history questions and is shocked to find that her Grandmother says she’ll askd Henry Chamberlain for help (who you may remember, turned up dead at the end of last episode.) Meanwhile, Melissa is back in town with her cousin, and sparks are starting to fly between him and Diana.
Diana isn’t the only one whose heart is a-flutter, Cassie can sense that there is something between her and Jake, but he keeps on denying it. Isaac  is astonished that Cassie is a Balcoin, and tells Jake he has to ask The Council what to do.  The final decision is to capture Cassie and take her away from town, but Adam overhears the plan. Blackwell suggests they go visit Cassie's grandmother, Jane, to find out if there is a spell to remove the curse.

Nick is surprised when Melissa adopts a new attitude and asks for his help to track down her family's Book of Shadows.
I mean the least they could have done is finished the first season before killing one of the original six, also couldn't it have been Faye to get the axe.
I think that Cassie did the right move in telling her Grandmother about the circle because she was too worried and they didnt know what they were doing and as soon as the grandmother knew she knew what she was doing and she can help them now and teach them how to use magic properly and tell them who are the bad guys and who are the good guys i think there is more than demons in this series i still dont know what else is out there. Read the Kidzworld recap of “Masked”, which aired October 27, 2011, to find out what you missed.
While shopping in an occult store Faye sees Luke (Cassie’s date from the school dance) and invites him because Cassie wants Diana and Adam to get back together. Read the Kidzworld recap of “Balcoin”, which aired November 10, 2011, to find out what you missed!
Jake tells Cassie about her lineage and power, and shows her his book of shadows, and just as Cassie receives a text from Adam warning her that Jake is a witchhunter, Isaac’s thugs show up and kidnap her.  At the very last moment Jake turns, decides to help Adam and Faye.
I liked how far along the series has come and the depth in which the characters and their relationships go.
As for Nicks death is was entertaining but it also was sad and the one who killed his was Charles Dianna's Dad to save Dawn Faye's mother i think he likes her and that is why he did anything he could to save her and i dont think he is evil anymore because he has alot of Guilt in killing Nick that tells me that the evil one is Dawn and i dont know when will she stop i know they just want to get their powers back but killing kids comeon this is so bad in so many levels. Cassie buys Faye a Halloween present and the shopkeeper, Calvin, recognises Cassie’s name, and their meeting shatters a mirror behind them. Before leaving she runs into Jake and he stalls her car and goes to Calvin’s shop and threatens to kill him with special witch hunting supplies, if he tells Cassie what the symbols mean.
When Cassie reports her grandmother missing, the circle witches, including 'substitute' Jake, join her on the search and get pinned down by a storm. Cassie and Adam dealt with the fallout of their night together while the others suffered in their own ways. Meanwhile, Diana is hoping to get some alone time with Adam and arranges a date night so they can get their relationship back on track, but all six of them are brought together to fight off a dark force that threatens to destroy the Circle from within.
I find it interesting that the name of the demon in this episode is the name of the company in the tv show Enlightened. Melissa meanwhile is mourning Nick and runs into Jake at their family plot, but he makes it clear that he feels they have no connection and that he wasn’t close with his brother.

Cassie can tell Calvin isn’t telling her something and so runs to Adam to help her look up the symbols, they find out that they are ancient symbols for witch hunting and killing witches. Jake pretends that he was captured as well, but later that night Cassie makes it clear she doesn’t trust him, and Cassie finds an envelope Calvin left for her about someone who may be her real father, John Blackmore. She has very old, very dark magic within her, from a line of witches they thought was eradicated, the Balcoins. Cassie starts to distrust Jake and asks Faye if she’ll distract him at the party so she can look around his house. Adam tells Diana how much he loves her and needs to be with her when they get back after the ordeal.
Diana refuses to commit to Adam again, claiming they need a break to find out their true emotions.
Adam and Faye don’t trust Jake, and team up against him after finding him snooping in the secret circle clubhouse. Cassie's mystery sibling seemed to be hinted at in this episode but the catch is it could be a few of the members of the circle. Little do they know, the witch hunters are planning their attack at the party, and have prepared the ritual for killing the circle.
In the final scene Cassie’s grandmother reaches the lake house to discover Henry dead, she tries to revive him with his crystal, but then is knocked unconscious by someone who takes the crystal. The witch hunters go to the party in masks and one by one starting grabbing the teens, which is easy inside the crowded busy party. Cassie goes to Jake to look through his things and finds witch hunting knives, he discovers her and says the things are Nick’s. The witch hunters eventually get all of the teens and bind them to chairs inside a circle they can’t cross.

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