Bewitching Scene #1: Faye causes a fire in chem class and Cassie makes the sun shine bright.
The secret circle episode 10 promo, The winter premiere secret circle (season 1 episode 10) returning cw january 5, 2012. Based on the photos released from the episode 6 of The Secret Circle, we can assume lots of talking. The search for the remaining crystals intensifies, as the Circle zeroes in on the traitor in their midst.
Following Jane’s death, Cassie (Britt Robertson) was trying to keep from falling apart on the April 26 episode of The Secret Circle. Diana (Shelley Hennig), meanwhile, was coming to terms with the discovery of her true paternity. At the abandoned house, John and the others were looking for the remaining crystals, at which point Faye and Jake showed up with the crystal they had found. Back at the abandoned house, Faye’s crystal was stolen using magic, presumably by the traitor helping the witch hunters. Elsewhere, John paid Dawn a visit and asked her to keep a close eye on Charles, who was planning on leaving town with Diana. Finally, the search for Faye’s crystal led the Circle to Hudson Fields, an abandoned amusement park, which might be the creepiest place on earth. This week on The Secret Circle (Season 1, Episode 10) Diana’s grandmother comes to town and discovers Cassie’s dark magic. In the mid season finale Cassie (Britt Robertson) was nearly captured by witch hunters, but at the last moment Jake switched sides to help save her.
Enraged by the idea that Cassie can practice magic and she can’t, Faye finds a voodoo witch doctor online who turns out to be a hot college student (played by Grey Damon). In the meantime, Diana comes over to Cassie’s house to find her lighting candles for an attraction spell to bring Jake back, which Diana warns against since he was a witch and a witch hunter.
Diana convinces Cassie to sleep over at her house, and her grandmother Kate, a powerful elder, is in town.

Diana’s grandmother sniffs out Cassie’s powerful magic right away, and tells her that there’s a way she can her rid herself of the evil magic. Still not realizing how powerful she is, Faye ends up pushing Sally so hard that she lands on a pile of rocks and dies. We’re not too sure if our fave elder is dead, but we do know Gwen cast a magic spell to give him a heart attack. When Jake informed them it was dead, John told them it could be recharged with the power of the Circle. Read Kidzworld’s recap of “Darkness”, which aired January 5, 2012, to discover what you missed.
Cassie’s grandmother is away trying to figure out why she can’t remember anything, and Cassie is dealing with the knowledge that her real father is John Blackwell and she has dark magical powers that allow her to act outside the circle. Our last glimpse that episode is of him lurking in her back yard and looking up at Cassie’s window! Dawn drops by during dinner and Diana’s dad Charles is worried that Dawn will try to kill his mother by poisoning the wine since Kate seems to be on to their plans and doesn’t trust Dawn (it looks like he’s finally starting to not trust Dawn as well). But since Gwen took back the powerful crystal from Charles, she managed to bring the girl back to life.
So they all head out to perform the binding ritual which will bring together everyone’s powers.
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Being Diana, she came right out and asked Charles (Gale Harold), who admitted he and Diana’s mother had been separated before she got pregnant. Cassie and Kate drive out to the woods and perform a spell that Cassie thinks will help, but it’s actually a spell to bury her in the ground and kill her. Henry was getting ready to head out and tell the other elders about the new set of witches, and Gwen didn’t like that idea very much. If you're a teen girl in middle school, high school, college or beyond, get everything you'll need to know about celebs, red carpet style, popular movies, TV shows, and funny vids right here!

If you have problem with any articles, images, or videos please contact me immediately so I can do the necessary actions. Charles assured Diana he was her father no matter what, and told her to stay away from John. He discovers her dark magic secret, but she asks him not to tell anyone until she knows more. Adam and Diana peek inside her grandmother’s suitcase and find witch hunting material and run to Cassie’s rescue, only to find her blasting out of the wooden box the spell buried her in. And although Cassie says she wants nothing to do with this witch stuff, she starts to test out her own powers at home and manages to bring out the sun which shines brighter than ever.
Figure out if the kids already know about their witch ancestry and find out how Charles is able to do magic. Also, did anyone else notice that Henry said it was a bad idea for the new circle to bind their powers?!
Unfortunately Diana discovers him reading up on dark magic in the Circle’s clubhouse and figures things out for herself just as Cassie walks in to hear Adam spilling about her powers. Kate then tells Charles that trying to kill Cassie was the only way to find out the extent of her true power, and she is the one they have been waiting for to bridge the gap between good and dark magic. Besides, if Jake and Faye didn’t make such a hot couple, I would totally be rooting for Jake and Cassie to get it on. Anyways, by a stroke of luck, Adam remembered the cloaking spell his grandfather used to cast when he was little and uncovered the hiding place of the final crystal. The whole circle finds out, and Faye, who is jealous of her power, and Melissa who is still upset over Nick’s death, are angry with Cassie. Miller teases the major death that will conclude a 22 Finale "Family" Guide And Photos by: Natasha Fine; Have a spoiler to share?

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