Srija, second daughter of Mega Star Chiranjeevi married Sirish Bharadwaj in Boyinapalli Arya Samaj on Wednesday morning. However, the newly wed couple issued a statement to the media that they got married in Arya Samaj. Alrigtie than, today I'll be doing a little critique on a visual novel by the name of Hanachirasu.
So which of the Pretty in Pink cast was your favorite then?  And who are you still watching now? I just watched the Blacklist last night and didn’t even put two and two together that was the same guy! The couple got married in the presence of their friends without the knowledge of elders from either side.

Arya Samaj's secretary Brihaspati Acharya informed media that they registered their names with them on October 12 and had given all their particulars to the authorities. The security is beefed up at his residence, only close relatives, friends are being allowed inside.
Arya Samaj also published an invitation card in which it was clearly mentioned Chiranjeevi as her father. Srija told media that she likes her father very much and hopes that he would accept their marriage. According to the sources, Sirish Bharadwaj is a close friend of one Congress politician's son and the couple met in a party four years back and fell in love. As such, Japan continued to fight through World War II, ending aggressions only when Hokkaido and Kyushu were occupied by Russia and America, respectively.

What will stand in his path to his goal?" The main character in this game is pretty damn badass.
She's probably like, "Oh my god, are all male prostitutes like this." [c]You know you want me.

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