Jessica has done a little acting as well as modelling, appearing in MTV's 'The City,' but very definitely remains a working model. In Secret tells the story of Therese, a sexually repressed woman in 1860’s Paris who is forced to marry her cousin Camille, played by Tom Felton of Harry Potter fame.
Roadside Attractions will be releasing the film February 21st of 2014, just before Olsen will star in Godzilla. Jessica Clarke (born 1993) is a New Zealand fashion model who in a short time ascended to the heights of the New Zealand fashion scene.

Jessica says that she was at the movies in her native Palmerston, New Zealand when an modelling scout spotted her and started chatting her up (isn't that always the way it happens?). She then won Miss Teen Manawatu in 2009, and before long, she was signed by DNA Models in New York. She is famous for walking in the 2012 and 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows and for appearing in the 2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Jessica entered a modelling competition in 2000 that was sponsored by Chadwick Models and Dolly Magazine and won (she has tried the standard 'discovered in the street' story, but nobody is buying it).

In late 2008, she shot her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue appearance, and in 2009 contracted to represent Victoria's Secret in its catalogs. Keith Carrigan, creative director of Calvin Klein, spotted her work and personally requested her for ck by Calvin Klein.

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