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Like all great stories for children, The Secret Garden contains powerful truths just beneath the surface.
FFC Gerardo Valero discusses the devolution of Quentin Tarantino by comparing The Hateful Eight to Pulp Fiction.
There is always a level at which the story is telling children about more than just events; it is telling them about the nature of life. You will receive a weekly newsletter full of movie-related tidbits, articles, trailers, even the occasional streamable movie.
The exterior is primarily 16th-century Fountains Hall in Yorkshire and some of Allerton House in Yorkshire. That was the feeling I had when I read Frances Hodgson Burnett's book many years ago, and it is a feeling that comes back powerfully while watching Agnieszka Holland's new film.
Others are so good they seem hardly intended for children at all, and "The Secret Garden" falls in that category.
It is a work of beauty, poetry and deep mystery, and watching it is like entering for a time into a closed world where one's destiny may be discovered.The film tells the story, familiar to generations, of a young girl orphaned in India in the early years of this century, and sent home to England to live on the vast estate of an uncle. Misselthwaite Manor is a gloomy and forbidding pile in Yorkshire - a construction of stone, wood, metal, secrets and ancient wounds. The heroine, whose name is Mary Lennox (Kate Maberly), arrives from her long sea journey to be met with a sniff and a stern look from Mrs.
Medlock (Maggie Smith), who manages the place in the absence of the uncle, Lord Archibald Craven (John Lynch).
Mary quickly gathers that this uncle is almost always absent, traveling in far places in an attempt to forget the heartbreaking death of his young bride some years earlier.There is little for Mary to do in the mansion but explore, and soon she finds secret passageways and even the bedroom of her late aunt - and in the bedroom, a key to a secret garden. The grounds were shot in Allerton Park in North Yorkshire and some of Luton Hoo in Hertfordshire as well as Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire. He has lived a life of great sadness, confined to his room, able to see only the sky from the windows visible from his bed.
The topiary arch used for the Misselthwaite garden leads directly onto Conistone Moor in North Yorkshire. Mary determines he must see his mother's secret garden, and she and Dickon wheel him there in an invalid's chair, stealing him out of the house under the very nose of Mrs. Medlock.All of this could be told in a simple and insipid story, I am sure, with cute kids sneaking around the corridors.
Holland's earlier work includes "Europa, Europa," a story of a Jewish boy who is able to save his life by passing for a Nazi youth brigade member, and "Olivier, Olivier," another case of mysterious identity, about a long-lost son who may or may not have been found again.I found "Europa, Europa" such an incredible story that I rejected it; what lesson can be learned from the freak survival of one potential victim, while millions died? In this cycle, the unicorn is lured from the wild and into a new life by a young virgin, foreshadowing Mary’s role in the story. Neglected once again, she begins exploring the estate and discovers a garden that has been locked and neglected.
Aided by one of the servants’ brothers, she begins restoring the garden, and eventually discovers some other secrets of the manor. Her parents (Irène Jacob and Colin Bruce) are neglectful, leaving her in the care of an Aya (Parsan Singh), a native servant, while they attend parties and partake in other leisures and obligations. This leaves Mary with a sour disposition and all the anger and bitterness of someone twice her age. Suddenly, the earth shakes and things in the room begin to fall off their counters and break. Medlock instructs Mary to keep out of trouble and not to disturb her uncle, who would rather not see her at all, while she finds ways to amuse herself. Mary is dissentful towards the manor which appears cold and dank among the wintry grounds it sits on. However, she finds a kind heart in her servant, Martha (Laura Crossley), the daughter of one of the cooks.
Martha is patient with the angry Mary, and assists with her dressing and amusement, giving her a jump rope as a gift. One evening she finds a hidden door in her room that leads to abandoned sectors of the manor. She discovers one particular room, dusty but brightly decorated, that she is interested to find belonged to her aunt. An ivory elephant, one identical to her mother’s, sits on the bureau inside of which Mary finds a key.

During one of her daily explorations of the grounds, Mary meets an old gardener named Ben Weatherstaff (Walter Sparrow) who warns Mary not to go snooping about, though he tells her that she reminds him of the late mistress. When Mary inquires about the grounds hidden behind a large stone wall, Ben tells her that it was a garden owned by Mrs. When he leaves, Mary is met by a red-breasted robin which leads her to the ivy covered wall and a secret doorway hidden within.
Inside, she finds that the garden is overgrown and appears dead in the chill air.Having originally thought that her uncle wanted nothing to do with her, Mary is surprised when she is summoned to meet him. Though he contemplates sending her to better accomodations at a boarding school, Mary begs to stay at the manor, asking only for a bit of earth to grow things in. Craven allows her to stay and bids her leave before he packs and leaves the manor, fleeing the coming spring, Mary theorizes.
The staff at the manor speak of her uncle as a cursed man, forever enveloped in grief since the loss of his wife.Mary goes to visit her garden again and comes across the nature-loving Dickon. She shows him the garden on oath of secrecy and he relieves her worries of its health when he shows her that all the plants in the garden are still alive, just asleep. As her toddler self begins to cry after losing her mother, Mary awakens to the sound of real crying.
Inside, a boy her age lies in a large bed and, when he sees her, stops his crying and beckons her forward.
He introduces himself as Colin Craven (Heydon Prowse), the master of the house while his father’s away.
The children learn they are cousins and Colin tells Mary how he’s never left the house and cannot walk while displaying his morbid obsession with death. He tells her that his mother died giving birth to him and, being so weak, was fed the notion that he will remain so until he develops a hunch like his father and then die. Medlock tends to Colin personally and rigorously instructs the other servants to provide for him. Mary, however, cannot see anything wrong with Colin besides the fact that he’s cooped up inside all the time. She leaves him in his room, but the light blinds him and, when he sees Mary outside with Dickon, he begins to throw a tantrum and falls out of his chair. The concerned servants place Colin on the bed where he continues to scream until Mary returns and begins massaging his back. When Medlock finds them together, she demands that Mary leave until Colin orders her to let them be. With Mary’s encouragement, Colin finally decides that he may be ready to venture outside and makes the announcement to all the servants that he, Mary, and Dickon, will explore the grounds alone. Offended, Colin stands for the very first time.As spring arrives and flowers bloom and animals are born, the children continue to visit the garden together and Colin grows stronger by the day, eventually learning to walk.
They decide to keep his progress a secret and wish to surprise Lord Craven when he returns. Colin expresses his love for Mary but she assures him that they will always be together as they look at photographs of their mothers.
Medlock soon grows convinced that Colin and Mary should be separated and she locks them in their rooms, intent on keeping them there until Craven’s return.
However, Mary escapes through the secret door in her room and reunites with Colin and Dickon. The servants are surprised to see him home unannounced and scramble to accompany him, including Medlock. He demands to see his son but, when they walk into an empty room, Medlock tells him that it must be because of Mary.
They go to her room to find it also empty and Craven resolves to follow his wife’s words. He leaves the distraught Medlock in the manor as he walks towards the garden where he hears laughter and finds the secret door open. He walks inside where he finds Colin blindfolded, but walking, playing blind man’s bluff. Thinking the figure is Dickon, Colin reaches up to touch his father’s face before removing his blindfold in surprise.
Father and son embrace one another in happiness but Mary runs away, saddened and thinking that no one wants her.Dickon tries to console her, but she runs off alone. Everyone returns to the manor where the servants and Medlock are astounded to see Colin walking and running beside his father.
Dickon rides his white pony over the Yorkshire estate as Mary narrates that her uncle learned to laugh, she learned to cry, and the garden remained open to all. Eachcharacter is separate and unique; each one has little personality quirksthat makes it seem real. Just about every scene in the movie includeschildren, animals, or both — which must have been a nightmare tocoordinate.

I absolutely fellin love with these children, and came to care very much about theircharacters. I love it so much that I went out and bought the DVD of it, eventhough I’d seen it 8 or 10 times already. A vivid and affecting film, it’s got many things going forit: mesmerizing cinemetography and time-lapse photography, a good musicscore and script, breathtaking sets, wonderful direction, great acting,evengorgeous flowers! Agneiska Holland does a great job at bringing out allthesubtle little points and details in the story and great performances fromher young cast, particularly from Kate Maberly as Mary. Medlock, thefrusterated, overprotective housekeeper who seems to be mean, but reallyisonly doing what she thinks best. The girl who played Mary Lennox pulled out herbest performance in this movie, Maggie Smith was as great as ever, the boywho played Collin was the most shining actor in the movie, and Martha was sokind and lovable character. Holland might be one of the most talenteddirectors in the world, I give high points to the art in this movie and thebeautiful music which I have listened to until the list of credits ended wasso appealing to me. Maberlycarried her character beautifully, she didn’t appear to be acting as much asactually getting into character.
Others like John Lynch and AndrewKnott add more magic to the production.Hayden Prowse was wonderful as Colin Craven.
Even to the most minor extra everyone brings asmooth and compelling reality to the story.However, the real star is director Agnieszka Holland.
Against achallenging climate ( a rainy location) she manages to create a moviewith a touching commentary on how children can literally change theworld.
Her insightful grasp of the themes of isolation, growth andrejuvenation, the need for a balance between nurture and allowable riskare all managed through the controlling metaphor of a garden. Theartful rendering of these literary themes are what many directorsapparently find most challenging ( I’m looking at you Arthur Penn)andgenerally blissfully ignore them compensating by glib insertions, extraaction or clumsy sentiment. Theinterplay of light and dark, the time elapse photos of clouds rollingand flowers emerging all set to beautiful music captivate the viewer.The rainy weather was not shunned but used to fullest effect. I canonly imagine the discipline it must have taken to wait for the sun topeep out from the clouds and then roll film hoping that the cast canpull off the shot before the light changed and a second take became along wait.
Normally I adore Maggie Smith, but here the director is soastute, Maggie becomes Medlock and makes your blood boil with herofficiousness and her thin-lipped inability to see or feel for thechildren.Luckily they all fend for themselves and create a world both unbelievableand wholly needed in our dry and hurried lives. Movies once were special beautifulplaces where the best actors were chosen for the part, and whereviewers could easily lose themselves and for a short time becomesomething in their mind’s eye that was wonderful and magical. Her entry into the film isas a 10 year old girl who is catered hand and foot, literally, bathedand dressed by Indian nannies, then ignored by her parents.
She grew tofeel pampered, unloved and unwanted, and without the training to evendress herself.
It makes you feel that wonderfulthings can happen in life, and that you can make them happen.
In a time when more and more films are relying on special effects ratherthen a good script and a decent storyline, this is one that film makerseverywhere should take note of.
As in the Lord of the Rings, it is nota Jedi Knight, or a superman or muscleman or gun-slinging cowboy who is thehero, it is one of the common folks who risesto the occasion when greatness is demanded by the times andsituation.As did Sam Gamgee, the Hero of the LOTR, so does Dickon stand outasan almost mythical personification of love and sacrifice for thegoodof others with no thought of recompense.
This is what I love about classicEnglish novels, how the average guy can change the world, if he loves itenough. The atmospherein this movie is perfectly portrayed as being sinister and dark and Iremember being 8 watching this movie and feeling the oppressive feelingof Lord Craven’s mansion. She didn’t like to live in India, but thething she hated the most was the fact that her parents were selfish andnever cared about her.
One day, an Earthquake in India makes a bigdevastation and many kids stay orphan,including our lead character MaryLennox. She is sent to England, to live in her uncle’s mansion,since heis now her legal guardian. Mary, which is a cold,bitter,annoying girlwho hates to be touched and with lots of angry inside her, meetsMartha, a cool girl and servant who works in the mansion and treatsMary very nice( the opposite of Mrs. Medlock,the governess) and herbrother Dickon, a sweet boy who makes friendship with the animals. But it’s not an ordinarykey, is the key from the secret garden, a garden who once was the placewhere her aunt always loved to stay and that now is locked since shedied. In the meanwhile, Mary meets her cousin Colin, a sickand spoiled boy who stayed all his life in bed, since everybody alwaysbelieved he would die very young.

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