A young British girl born and raised in India loses her neglectful parents in an earthquake.
Young Mary Lennox is orphaned by an earthquake in India and sent to England to live with her uncle in a cold ancestral manor in Yorkshire.
After losing her self-indulging parents in an earthquake, a bitter young girl named Mary Lennox is sent to live in England with her reclusive Uncle.
Mary: On the boat coming here, the other children used to sing that at me, but I wasn't as contrary as they were. Mary: [voiceover, as her uncle leaves for the spring] That was the night the rain stopped, the night spring came to Misselthwaite.
Mary briefly meets him, still mourning for the wife who died ten years ago, but she is mostly left on her own.

Eventually she discovers her bedridden cousin and a 'secret garden' that once belonged to her deceased aunt.
Medlock's servant, and she's Lord Craven's, but I will be doing some upstairs housekeeping and waiting on you a bit. With the help of her cousin, the kindly Dikon, and a little 'magic', can Mary find a way to bring love back to her family?
Neglected once again, she begins exploring the estate and discovers a garden that has been locked and neglected.
First she finds an overgrown secret garden, the favourite of her aunt and locked up since her death. Aided by one of the servants' boys, she begins restoring the garden, and eventually discovers some other secrets of the manor.

Second, that she has a cousin, Colin, a sickly lad who has been told he must remain in bed out of the daylight at all times. Once Mary and another new friend, local lad Dickon, have brought the garden back to life they decide Colin must see it, a decision that will change several lives.

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