Samantha – Glad you liked the Life with Father clip – when watching this movie I survey the furnishings as much as I do the actors! Anonymous – I've heard about this movie, and the gorgeous greenhouse, but have yet to see it! We’ve planted a mini orchard and asparagus bed with grape vines along the fence and blackberries on a trellis. I love Rosemary and Thyme, in fact I bought it for myself as a present when I was having to cut down on pain pills. Kevin is an award-winning food, garden and lifestyle guru who lives in New York's Hudson Valley. I watched this film as a child, and it probably influenced my love of houseplants and vased arrangements. I never tire of this HBO flick with Maggie Smith (at her tipsy best), and Italian landscapes and informal plantings that are to die for.
A lot of the series was shot at the Castle Howard which is gorgeous and sits in a beautiful landscape with gardens and fountains. Figs are heavily producing, apples finally set, bay laurel is taller than I am, peach and loquat produced minimally this year.

Go ahead and buy the boxed set of Brideshead Revisited, it’s a perfect winter project. It is not an easy thing to do and so I kept watching these women in those beautiful surroundings and it made my life so much easier. I’m enjoying the movie suggestions, reminiscing the Oldies, and all the comments and sharing links. The film features William Powell and Irene Dunne, plus two other flowers: white lilacs and a very young, and very funny, Elizabeth Taylor. I see that Felicity Kendal co-stars…I well remember her from a Brit-com I used to watch 20 years ago! I have the entire mini series but unfortunately on VHS.Also check out Much Ado About Nothing.
Serendipity has rewarded us with a secret garden that no one could guess we have from the street or by walking out our back door. The best scene is after they arrive in the middle of the night and the next morning open the shutters to their sleeping rooms onto a spectacular garden and view. He has contributed countless gardening articles to African Violet Magazine, Berkshire Home Style Magazine, and Garden Design Magazine.

Smith’s longing for hollyhocks inspired me to winter-sow my own formidable crop this year.
We back up to a virgin green space forest, entrance is through a charming wisteria-covered arbor and gate.
I had Floribunda who was twins and a fellow who were artists and we won the prizes every year for the Garden trail for business. When I moved I didn’t have the gardeners but I did plant as much as possible, starting from Scratch.
My favorite was my herb garden with a Buddha in the middle and the animal graveyard with at St. Now that I am 78 and creaky, I can’t do the gardens and I live In Ojai, California, a hot place and my garden is so different. I am so proud of my one hollyhock that survived and is a beautiful pink and giving me blossoms at the moment.

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