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Secret Garden, klasik zengin k?z fakir olan uzerine kurulu romantik, komedi ve dram olarak izleyebileceginiz tarzda unutulmazlar aras?nda yer alan bir dizidir. Today, Dior released a second Secret Garden video to promote their Fall 2013 RTW collection. The video is set in a mysterious and enchanted section of forest at Versailles. The backdrop of Versailles adds an extra dose of royalty, fashion, and elegance to Dior’s Fall 2013 collection. After watching the video, you’ll definitely have the urge to throw on an ensemble from the brand’s fall line and run off to join the women in the enchanted forest of Versailles, and I imagine that’s exactly the feeling Dior intended you to have.

Secret Garden 2 – Versailles devoile une facette bien plus sombre du Chateau de Versailles. On retrouve successivement Daria Strokous souriante, extasiee, inquiete, hagard mais aussi accompagnee. La fleur omnipresente se glisse entre les levres, dans le decollete, en couronne mais aussi a terre, jetee violemment, la fin d’une histoire d’amour ?
With a bit of imagination, the words on the pages transported me to a hidden garden full of wonder and surprise. Konusu ise, ailesini kucukken kaybetmis ve tek bas?na dublorluk yaparak gecimini kazanmaya cal?san Gil Ra Im ile kibirli, kendini begenmis aile sirket yoneticisi Kim Joo Won aras?nda gecen ask? anlatmaktad?r.

It doesn’t take much for one to imagine Marie Antoinette, arguably the most fashionable of women in French royalty, putting on the clothes from the video and lounging about on a hazy summer day.
Kim Joo Won Gil Ra Im’e her ne kadar as?k oldugunu kabullenemesede kamp icin gittikleri bir koyde sabah bedenlerinin yer degistirmesiyle uyan?rlar.
Toutes arborent des levres magenta comme au defile Dior Croisiere 2014 et portent des vetements Dior Couture et pre-collection 2013.

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