This year’s Secret Garden Party may have been the biggest and most popular to date, but that didn’t detract from the whimsical andfantastical nature that it’s renowned for. While all the music stages have their own redeeming features and are vastly more creative than the majority of festivals, East London collective Road To Nowhere’s Labyrinth had a special place in our hearts this year. While Secret Garden Party isn’t necessarily concerned with cramming as many big names into a lineup as possible, the eclectic rabble of headliners this year were definitely worth a watch. As well as the music and visual excitement, there were also some more relaxing activities to attend. If a member of the Royal Family is in attendance, especially one coined the ‘Party Prince’, then it has to make this list. The charitable trust will work with the international fashion website to support new designers.
The Queen takes to the Miami stage to open her World Tour and there’s Balmain, dancers and bangers.
As summer approaches and the flowers come into bloom, the Secret Garden Party and its merry men begin to gather together sticks, bricks and super-sized trolleys in order to create what can only be described as an optical euphoria – A hedonistic world for the purest of festival goers. This year SGP’s team will tempt you away from the yellow brick road of conformity and the tight clasp of commercialism into a world of free spirits and enchantment.
STAGES: The Great Stage, Where The Wild Things Are, Temple Of Boom, The Crossroads, Lake Stage, The Rhumba Rum Bar, Pagoda, Feast Of Fools, The Living Room, Bearded Kitten and Small World.
ARTISTS (SO FAR): Bat and Ball, Champs, Clean Bandit, Deap Vally, Dub Pistols, Fat Freddy’s Drop, Fat White Family, Honeyblood, Jagwar Ma, Little Dragon, Martha Reeves and the Vandellas, Max Raabe and Palast Orchester, Morcheeba, MT, Southern and The Correspondents. About usBeatsbook was founded in 2011 and is focused on bringing you the latest music news from the underground music scene. Secret Garden Party have announced a whole host of new acts and features across their 14 stages for this year’s 4-day music & arts extravaganza. A short distance away the Fools on the Hill, begin their Wonky Races, down a Slip n Slide, like a rolling stone, around the craziest course and haircuts since Pat Sharpe and the 80’s.
The Great Lake will be home again to an iconic centre piece, art installation, and party venue, lovingly designed and built by the infamous PirateTechnics crew.
This year we celebrate the coming of our new 24-hour pub, hosted by our very own Diamond Dogs. To open, close and lead the Gardeners to the seminal activities of the Party our merry band of performers, musicians, merrymakers, floats and boats will lead you around the Garden.
Close up magicians, night time fires site-wide with ghost storytellers, poetry and live music to keep the cockles warm on those star-kissed nights.
Nestled away, past the magical weeping willow, the Arts Garden will be a place to reflect and get involved in creating our own SGP gallery. We are keeping most of our art installations under wraps this year but rest assured the Head Gardener has something really special in store. Gawp in amazement as two wild homosapiens are held in captivity for your shock and delight. No festival is complete without homage to the ways things used to be and quite possibly will be again.

Still managing to retain its appealing boutique feel with well over 20,000 revelers in attendanceis no mean feat, but we’re happy to say they pulled it off. Every year no expense is spared in order to bring life tocountless visual treats for Gardeners to see, touch and interact with.From bronze statues hanging in trees to hammocks made entirely ofcling film, the bar was raised high. Hidden in the forest and containing a secret Speakeasy, a glitter station, and sets from the likes of Ben Pearce and Richy Ahmed, if you managed to find it then you’ll understand. We managed to bag a prime viewing spot by the lake to witness a fireworks display that would make even New Year’s Eve jealous.
There aren’t many other festivals where you can see Martha Reeves and the Vandellas, Public Enemy and Fat Freddy’s Drop in one place, but they were all pretty great. Hidden behind the door of a seemingly normal portaloo, if you were lucky enough to choose it then you were greeted by a large field of tall sunflowers as well as a ball pit and DJ booth.
While a few members of our group were convinced they saw Harry at the time, we put it down to too much glitter in their eyes.
This event somehow manages to tip-toe the tightrope between a hedonistic fandango of indulgence and euphoria whilst still retaining its expressive sanity. This is one place where you can catch the melodies of the moment together with an eclectic mix of past sonic glory. From the event’s legendary dress up day, through to flash mob styled happenings, you’ll find your time here absolutely filled to the brim with you had to be there moments - such as the 2012 heart in the sky or the 2009 exploding Tower of Babel. Adult weekend tickets start from ?175 but if fancy pimpin’ up your weekend with a little more comfort you can upgrade to a Squirt, Tipi, Yurt, Hut or Bell Tent… Happy camping! Expect music and event reviews, exclusive interviews with your favourite artists, podcasts, fashion, new and forthcoming releases, plus much more!
This year we aim to open the lake up for more mass participative games, more boating & punting opportunities, wild swimming and places of reflection where you’ll be able to sit, eat, drink and relax. Equipped with an Ace up their sleeves and a pool cue behind their back, these dogs will host a spectrum of classic back bar games, pool tournaments, illicit poker matches … but be warned, they’ve been known to start a bar brawl or two before. Expect the unexpected, led by our friends Perhaps Contraption, Megatraption Bands a full Orchestra and Choir and more animals (humans dressed as) than you can shake a zoo at. You’ll be able to learn a series of techniques from our resident artists, from sculpting a full-size body cast to life drawing, creating a stained glass window installation – where you’re the artist. Imprisoned in a human-scaled hutch (for the entire weekend) and isolated from their own kind, watch as these well-heeled, career-driven primates lose their petty social norms and descend into primitive squalor before your very eyes. Start with an enjoyable theme idea, then build on the party’s theme with a delicious menu, festive decorations, and interesting entertainment. Wonderland was there to check out one of the worst kept secrets this year, and here are the things we enjoyed the most.
However this year’s star was undoubtedly the floating Emerald City, which was the subject of the annual Big Burn on closing night. Also joining in the fun were glitter cannons, holographic displays, aerial acrobats and skywriters, along with an impressive ticket drop to finish it off.
There was also a super secret afterparty there once everything else had closed, which we were very glad to have stumbled upon.

Renowned for its huge level of audience participation and involvement, this one of a kind festival takes over a high summer’s weekend at a Georgian farm in East Anglia that comes complete with a river and lake.
Look through previous year’s line ups and you’ll see a commitment to selections that truly take the audience on a musical journey from cool, soothing day-time tones to anthemic, energy charged evenings and nights. Also, explore options for activity-based parties, destination birthday ideas, and surprise parties.Birthday party venues for adults vary from bars and restaurants to clubhouses, museums, and hotels. Don’t think for a moment that it’s all music and madness either as the event is spliced and spiced with a range of entertainments including some very intellectual fare, such as poetry, old school speaker’s corner style announcements and a whole bunch of clever comedy to keep you amused.
Taking inspiration from Hoberman – a robotic engineer from the early 90’s, it uses a scissor-like structure to create a geodesic dome around you. From Woodwork and Whittling, Stone Carving and Forging, to UpCycling everyday trash into a masterpiece to take home. Our Witches of Odd will teach you the ways of the Apothecary and spells, providing a comprehensive magic experience to meet the demands of modern day life. A central podium will take 5 peoples’ pulse readings, feed it through a piece of software, then make dynamic musical compositions with projected visuals as Gardeners come and go.
Then figure out what else you’ll need for the party like birthday party decorations along with a cake!Guest ListKeep in mind whom the Birthday Celebrant might wish to have in attendance. Witches of Odd (WoO) is all about a suspension of disbelief and seeing life through a new, magical perspective. The good old loving aunts or uncles of your neighborhood where you’d developed are also great in these parties.
Make the individual sit on a higher platform while the rest should squat on the ground.InvitationsKeep it simple. You can make your own invitations on your computer or else you should be able to pick up invitations at a lot of your local stores.
In order to pull this party off, choose a color at random and use it as the basis for the entire soiree. For a blue party, dress, decorate and serve food and drinks within the color blue.Surprise with secretsNice for that elderly people. Keep the plan of the birthday a secret towards the person whose b’day is going to be celebrated. Get everybody and everything ready beforehand.ThemesWith regards to picking a theme for your party heaven is the limit. Before you choose a theme it’s always best to decide on just how much work you are willing to do. Along the way through the list you will generally eliminate most of the ones you are feeling are to much work or otherwise suited to the person the party is perfect for.Confluence of timeThis one is also a great idea using the former one. The implication of the is make the party appear like a confluence of that time period which flow like rivers.

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