Whether photographing an editorial assignment or a bride and groom I approach each subject with thought, care and passion. Renee and Vince, high school sweethearts tied the knot as their adorable toddler son Aiden stood between them at the Secret Garden in Phoenix.
What are the odds of it not only raining on your wedding day in Arizona, but also being a record-BREAKING day of rain at the same time? That’s what happened a few Saturdays ago when Stephanie and Gabe got married at the gorgeous Secret Garden near South Mountain. But it did stop eventually and gave us an opening for portraits and family shots after the ceremony.

Email me at stephen[at]stephenshefrinphotography[dot]com Consultations and shoots by appointment only. I am married to an amazing Emmy award winning photojournalist, David Wallace, who shares my passion for photography and the outdoors.
After graduating from college I worked for newspapers all over the country from Maine to Iowa. It was so cute to watch Aiden stand at the alter and hold his parents hands as they said their vows. It started to rain at 5am and with the ceremony not until 4:30, there was plenty of time for things to dry out right?

As a freelance photographer my work has been published in countless national and international publications.
It’s located in South Phoenix in sort of a random location, but its a fantastic venue. There’s a great spot for your ceremony and then a lovely courtyard or indoor reception area.

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