Adding up to this lustrous garden is a 40 meter long simulated forest river and a 15 foot drop waterfall connected to a 140 square meter pool.
FULLY-EQUIPPED INFORMATION CENTER – The resort has courteous staff in a fully-functional information area complete with brochures, catalog and magazines, comfortable seats and pipe-in music.
ROCKWATERS AND WATERFALLS VENUE – A 350 seating capacity landscaped garden with stunning view of swimming pool, waterfalls and rainforest-like atmosphere surrounding the venue with small bridge over a koi fish pond and wishing well.

SHORELINE VENUE – A 150 seating capacity landscaped garden with stunning view of waterfalls surrounded with white sands and small bridge over a koi fish pond and a mini boat. PRIVATE ROOMS – 31 square meter air-conditioned room with two queen size beds, a sofa, pipe-in music, and a lanai of its own. It has a 700 seat garden resort and almost 3500 square meters of flora surrounding the area.

It has a receiving room, functional comfort room, king-size bed, pipe in music, hand-dryer and blow-dryer.

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