It all starts with what seems like a dream: a young girl sleeps as her parents depart for a social event that quickly takes a turn for the worst. This young girl is Mary Lennox (Emily Gallagher), a willful child that doesn’t even flinch when given upsetting news. The product of Archibald and Lily’s love is Colin (Ben Dreyer), and the scenes where these three connect are certainly moving. The “Dreamers” of the show include Mary’s parents, Rose (Carly Price) and Albert Lennox (Michael Gearty), Mary’s Indian spiritual guides, Fakir (John Wishnie) and Ayah (Colby Langweiler), as well as Major Holmes (Stuart Wyss-LeClair), Claire Holmes (Amelia Arrigo), Alice (Alicia Landis), Lt.
The SECRET GARDEN proves to be full of life, spirit, and charm, where emotion and talent grows abundantly.
When it comes to the Entertainment Industry, Lesley Grigg has been on, off and around the stage, screen and writing desk. The nightmare continues as the girl is whisked off to live with her uncle, one of the few living souls left in a house full of spirits and secrets. Instead, she perseveres and only shows her vulnerability when exploring her new, unfamiliar home. As her uncle, he wants to give her everything, but his struggle with loss is too great and won’t let him feel anything but pain.

Like Mary, Colin also has a dramatic side and the two often battle each other for the title of most spoiled kid on stage. As an actress, she's performed in community theater and independent film before moving behind the scenes as a Stage Manager, Production Coordinator, Casting Assistant and just about every other production job you can think of.
One secret is kept buried beneath the earth, for that is where a new beginning must be planted for it to grow into a plentiful and curative SECRET GARDEN.
Gallagher does an excellent job at showing the many sides of Mary, from the spoiled expectations that come from a privileged background to the sweet, sensitive, and inquisitive nature of a child. This struggle is clearly evident in Kirkner’s performance, and his rich vocal tone is pleasing to the ear while it stirs the emotions. Dickon (Trevor Frantz) takes the title of Zen Master of the garden with his laid-back and organic approach to life. For two years, Lesley was talent agent to many of the finest child actors and models of the Philadelphia area.
In addition to her wide acting range, Gallagher treats the audience to a remarkable vocal range that complements every scene partner. When we see the interactions Archibald has with his beloved Lily (Kelly Slota), we can feel the love in the room and understand the anguish they both express throughout the play.

These dreamers appear in flashback scenes and act as chorus members throughout the show, strengthening the story and musical numbers. Winthrop (Amy Fiscus), the headmistress for the girl’s school where Mary is supposed to attend until her wild outburst determines otherwise. Lesley has also written, produced and directed her own inde film and staged reading, and is currently writing a series of picture books for children. Their story culminates with a rendition of “How Could I Ever Know” which is both heartbreaking and uplifting at the same time. Martha (Roseann Enwright) is the housemaid and Dickon’s sister, and she adds a bit of sass to the show. Enwright’s witty character and strong performance acts as a bridge between the youthful playfulness and solemn side of adulthood seen in the play.

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