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Everyone who is victorious shall eat of the hidden manna, the secret nourishment from heaven, and I will give to each a white stone , and on the stone will be engraved a new name that no one else knows except the one receiving it. Let him apply the force which will produce the Shining Living Stone that fits into the temples plan with right exactitude .
Various sacred doctrines have talked symbolically about what could be termed " A White Stone ". Three of the four groups are parallel to the three sides of the three sides of the 3D Triangle. Let him prepare the Corner Stone and wisely place it in the north under the Eye of God himself, and subject to the balance of the Triangle .

This is a symbolic connection to a vast reality in much the same way the full spectrum of the rainbow comes from a single white light . The remaining group is parallel to the Zodiac and the middle of the 3D Triangle, suspending it.
You are just like the rainbow, each of you with your seven vortexes of energy, and both come into being from the one single light.
Let the Keeper of the sparks breathe the breath divine upon the points of Fire, and let him Kindle to a blaze that which is Hidden, that which is not seen, and so illumine all the Spheres whereon God works. The total of all these numbers is equal to 768, which is a number in the Universal Rhythm Table. This single light allows you the ability to express on the highest levels of frequency and dwelling as one with the 4th dimension.
Then, like a stone, it shows a strong connection to the overlayment of all these creative functions to the reality of the Fourth Dimension.
To sustain this multi-dimensional expression, you are called to be pure in all you do, being anchored in the light of love and compassion for all life.

All 3-D manifestations come into being from energy patterns originated from the 4-D Matrix. It is from this you become the most beautiful expression of life and a benefit to all life. Looking closely at it one can see the 8 symmetry triangles and 6 symmetry squares on the face of the V.E. Looking at the closest packing of 12 spheres around one sphere, one can see the points of the V.E.
Counting of the sectors of the remaining modelers of the Rainbow Equation also shows many more number relationships to the Universal Rhythm Table.

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