After a few years, however, I soon had students and postdoctoral fellows and no longer spent time in the lab. A big lab is considered to be a sign of success, but you lose what you originally wanted to do, which was to work in the lab.
I think it’s great that there are now courses to train graduate students on how to manage their own laboratories. COMMENTS:I didn't notice it much at the time, but I found the transition to supervising a laboratory rather easy--I had done it all before! So I don’t self-identify as a geek or a nerd because neither camp would fully accept me as one of their own. It’s always good-natured but it happened again this weekend at the Northern Voice blogging conference.
The geek handshake, where there’s a checklist of things you must enjoy, is another example of how we put each other into boxes. I agree that commonalities draw us together, but I countered by saying the most interesting parts of friendship are where the circles don’t overlap.

Perhaps schools without work plans should institute a similar program to give such experience to people receiving support under the various kinds of Work Study programs now in existence at many colleges. At most of my workplaces I’ve been considered tech savvy, which makes my truly tech savvy friends laugh.
As if any two people have one set of traits, as if we’re not all way more complicated than that. If our secret handshake excludes the rest of the circle, the boundaries of our own circle will never expand. Tough another problem with these boards is that most people, like me, nowerdays never look anywhere else then at the general forums. And even in good-natured-ness, it’s another way of dividing people as in the club and not in the club.
My mixed metaphors would have worked better if Venn diagrams were square, but in essence we put ourselves in boxes. Glenn’s career started in 1996 when he began working as script reader for New Line Cinema and Innovative Artists Agency.

I suddenly realized that I really liked dealing with things, rather than with people, which I would be doing as a doctor. Yes, but you have to get used to it, and a little training in administration and dealing with people would have helped. My sophomore to senior years I was the equivalent of a Teaching Assistant, and the senior year I was also responsible for all equipment and reagent inventory maintenance and ordering for everything in the chemistry department.
I enjoyed research and went on to receive my doctoral degree in biochemistry from the University of California, Berkeley.

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