When open up Hearthstone Collection and click card with right button, you can check every card’s basic information and its artist. Launch A must see game for minesweeper and minimalist puzzle game fans Developers Corner Launch Tears of the Machine: creating immersive story telling on a mobile device Developers Corner Launch Assault Breaker lands on iOS and Android Developers Corner General Want to Create an App? No doubt that, artists play as a great important role in Hearthstone – they give every card soul and live.

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But we didn't know how much money it was making until now.Well, it turns out that it has accumulated over a million dollars from using Unity Ads. Developers Corner Launch King of Booze: Drinking Game looks to be your ideal weekend companion Developers Corner Launch The Lost Treasure Island Project One Games Company News Four games that need to make their way onto smartphones Developers Corner General Can videogame violence actually make the world a safer place?

In Hearthstone, Repentance, Scarlet Crusader, Spellbender and Secretkeeper are his artworks, and he also drew many artworks about Azeroth and WoW heroes.

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