Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn BufferHave you ever noticed that when you go to publish your book and select a category on Kindle, certain categories just cannot be found?
After doing hours of research to find that perfect category for your ebook, you discover that you just cannot select it? As it turns out, Amazon doesn’t offer every existing category when you go publish your book. For this reason, they will definitely have lower competition than the available ones on the Amazon dashboard. Be sure to check out my article on how to find low competition categories that will help you to reach best-seller status here.
I don’t have any solid numbers, but I don’t think it is too far off from the truth to believe that only 35% or less of self-publishers know about the ‘secret’ category list, and only a smaller percentage actually know how to unlock them.

That means that more then 65% of all kindle self-publishers target the pre-generated list of categories that you find in the Amazon dashboard. If you need help finding the most opportunistic categories, then you should check out my favorite software for the job: KD Spy.Get KD Spy Here!
When you go to upload your book for the first time, you’ll be offered a select list of categories to choose from. Over time, Amazon will sometimes automatically add a book to a secret category because it feels as though it belongs.
Be sure that this category is a legitimate fit for your book or else otherwise Amazon will reject your claim and might even penalize you for such a request.
You will probably notice that these categories are very broad and do not include every subject that you see other books listing for.

In a way, this is a sign that your book is about that particular subject and should therefore be included in the category. Amazon will then look at your book, it’s cover, and the information you placed on your product page and will make a determination as to whether or not your book will be suitable inside a particular category. As matter of fact, they even publish a page to help you find out what categories exist that aren’t offered, but we will get into this later.

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