Discover over 500,000 works of contemporary fine art and especially high quality originals. A forest is an amazing repository of both knowledge and wisdom.  Ecologist Suzanne Simard takes Anne Strainchamps on a walking tour of a forest to point out the remarkable web of life both above and below the ground.
Did you know plants see, smell and communicate with neighboring plants?  And have both long and short term memory?  Plant geneticist Daniel Chamovitz describes the complex world of plant life. An audio installation that gives tropical plants the tools to play synthesizers, allowing people to experience biorhythms as live music.

Slime molds that solve mazes and parasitic dodder plants that seek out their prey are remarkable examples of nature's intelligence.  Anthropologist Jeremy Narby offers lessons on how to see the entire world as our kin.
Robin Wall Kimmerer is a biologist, a writer, and a member of the Potawatomi nation.  In her essay collection, "Braiding Sweetgrass," she weaves scientific knowledge and indigenous wisdom into a deeper understanding of the nature of plant life.
An alliance between Ralph Nader and Ron Paul?  It may sound surprising, but they've found common ground.  Nader explains how the Left and Right can come together on key issues. Herein are the various covers that have appeared on the different editions of Forest of Secrets.

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