The Secret Life of the American Teenager is a 60 minute family drama series with a comedy twist on ABC Family about a 15-year-old high school student who is the perfect daughter and student. Due to the nature of the subject matter on the Secret Life of the American Teenager, the word "sex" is heard about twenty-five times on an average episode. Producers Lindsley Parsons III, Brenda Hampton, Elaine Arata and Jeffrey Rodgers also produced the series, "7th Heaven". In episode #22 of the Secret Life of the American Teenager titled, "One Night at Band Camp", Amy goes into labor and says that she wants to eat a "Dairy Shack Burger".

Luckily for Amy, she finds love with another boy who doesn't care that she's carrying another boy's child. That was a reference to the fast food restaurant where Matt Camden worked as a delivery boy on "7th Heaven". Of course, this sudden change from "good girl" to "pregnant teen" causes a drastic change in attitude towards her on the part of some of her family members and friends. This is especially true since Amy's lack of maturity causes her to want others to take on her responsibility as a mother.

This series is a great lesson to young people as to the need to wait until they are adults before having children.

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