We all know that cats like to explore and investigate when they stray away from the comfort of their basket, but have you ever wondered what antics they might be getting up to while you're out of the house?
Meet Tiger, a lean mean feline machine who patrols a ranch down near Calero Reservoir along with his cat buddies. So when the chance came to live the life of a working cat…patrolling for mice in the barn, stalking critters in the pasture, climbing all the way to the peak of the barn roof, having dozens of trees to climb and scratch and his own person with whom to stroll the ranch or just sit and enjoy a sunset…well, it couldn’t have been better. The other interesting aspect to the life of a ranch cat is being on watch for intruders…it could be coyotes, a raccoon raiding the cat dish, and once it was a mountain lion…wild pigs might come through…and the first alert might be the cat’s reaction.  Tiger’s buddy Woody busted the mountain lion, freezing and staring off into the dark…right at the mountain lion up on the side of the hill studying the ranch…until the spotlights from the residents hit the big cat and he backed off. So you see, not every cat succeeds as a working cat…you gotta have street smarts, gotta keep your wits about you…and gotta be able to count on your people for backup.  Especially, you gotta know when to stand your ground and when to beat feet.
Like all cats, the working cats need a good diet, flea and tick control, and occasional trips to the vet.  Working cats burn more calories, are very active, and they are exposed to the elements so a healthy coat is very important.
Your support saves lives, consider making a gift to today.Over 800 Cats Found Homes in 2015! Your support saves lives, consider making a gift to Town Cats today.Be a Hero For Newborn and Abandoned Kittens! On a routine trip to the Walmart on Almaden in San Jose, one of our volunteer families, a mom and her two teenage daughters, noticed a small orange kitten dodging under the cars and run into the bushes.
John is a nationally known leader in the nonprofit sector with comprehensive experience in fundraising, executive leadership and transition, governance, community engagement, and program development. The Secret Life of Cats portrays frisky felines and tearaway toms as you've never seen them before, in all their marvellous mischievous glory! As for the vet, well… Truthfully, it’s easier with Tiger and Blue than with Violet, but it’s manageable.

The girls insisted they learn more and were surprised to find four kittens looking to be about 3 months old, which were immediately assigned fall-themed names (Draco, Pumpkin, Spice and Boo). John has worked with a variety of organizations over the past 28 years and has served as a trainer and keynote speaker for local, national and international audiences.
The book examines the cat inside out, starting with a nose-to-tail explanation of how evolution has shaped this perfect little predator. In "The Secret Life of Cats," Claire Bessant draws on years of experience to tell us exactly how to better communicate with and look after our pets. The girls insisted on coming back with a trap immediately as living right next to a major highway came with many potential dangers. Information on feral, social and age- and breed-related behaviors reveals the biological and behavioral adaptations cats have made over centuries in order to successfully live with humans.
We learn what those meows mean, how to read cat body language, how to tell their likes and dislikes, and a great deal more.
The author also reveals what makes a cat content in its daily life, both in the house and out and about in the neighborhood. Written with the conviction that the more you understand your cat, the more fulfilling life will be for both pet and owner, this book shows you how to fully appreciate your cat's natural behavior. You see, it appeared there were many kind-hearted people feeding the kittens and food was readily available, so the drive go into the trap to eat was not there.
The author examines troublesome behaviors, such as aggression, toilet-troubles and turf wars, revealing their biological sources and suggesting remedies.
There are also tips on the adaptations pet owners can make at home to provide a cat-friendly environment, and 240 full-color photos add romance to the text.

He was super skittish and scared but immediately nuzzled into the arms and neck of the family that rescued him.
Within a year, she had adopted Rea from PetSmart Gilroy, and beautiful Rea is still the matriarch of the family.
For the cat lover who wants to know everything about a beloved pet to the animal lover who is curious about all pets, "The Secret Life of Your Cat" is a richly illustrated and authoritative guide to the singular mystery that is the cat. When the founder of Town Cats, Rosi Mirko, met Carmelita, she recognized Carmelita’s expertise and dedication and Rosi talked Carmelita into fostering for Town Cats. For several months he lived in a bedroom and learned to not jump at every sound or run under the bed at every move, but he was always a lover-boy and the family was willing to give him the time he needed to adjust. Mom was perfectly happy foster him for as long as possible, but the reality was they could not keep him. Carmelita now shares her cozy home with Rea and two, feline “foster failures” – Olie and Leila. Back in the 1960s when Twiggy was a famous fashion model, Carmelita was a local fashion celebrity.
Carmelita worked in San Francisco modeling at the City of Paris, The White House, Saks Fifth Avenue, and The Emporium.
She creates colorful blankets and beds for the cats, cage toppers, table cloths and curtains for the adoption fairs and our shelter.

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