He may portray a cantankerous physician who recoils from both people and pets in the popular Britcom series Doc Martin, but when he’s not on screen actor Martin Clunes enjoys stepping into his real life role as a friend to all with feathers, fins and fur. On June 2nd a virtual clowder of kitty devotees in the UK will gather around their TV sets to watch Secret Life of Cats, a one-hour documentary which will dispel myths about our purring pals as it offers insight into both the physical and psychological workings of the bewhiskered wonders. The documentary will also follow a feline’s progression from birth to adulthood and offer insight into how cats experience the world through their senses.
Combining the latest scientific research with intimate macrophotography, illuminating thermal images and slow-motion footage, The Secret Life of Cats exposes the awe-inspiring qualities that every cat possesses.
This landmark three-part special, Wild China, gains unprecedented access into this most enigmatic of countries, to reveal a land of astonishing complexity.  A land of immense cultural diversity and a wide range of traditional lifestyles – often in close partnership with nature. Many of you reading this review will be pet owners, most likely sharing your home with an affectionate pooch or more independent feline friend.
This documentary reveals fascinating feline facts, including how cats spend one sixth of their lives grooming, sleep for 12 hours a day and even have UV vision! A wildlife treasure of Western America, this big cat is known by many other names, like the puma, cougar and deer tiger. My border terrier Molly can be extremely cute, however, it is indeed a good job she can’t read.

It aired last night and made us get goosebumps approximately six times, cry twice and want to sleep with our faces buried in our cat’s fur for comfort. And when we stroke a cat, they like it because it reminds them of being cleaned by their mum. Cats have a reputation for having nine lives because of the way they save themselves when they fall.
So 50 cats in the Surrey village of Shamley Green were put under 24-hour surveillance using GPS collars and specially designed cat-cams providing a moggie-eyes view of the world.a€?In many ways, scientists know more about the roaming behaviour of big cats in Africa than they do about our own pets which is why Horizon was so excited to work with the Royal Veterinary College on this ambitious experiment,a€? Horizon producer Helen Sage explained. There are also incredible stories about cats that have saved the lives of their owners or those that have themselves beaten the odds. While wild populations have rebounded over the years, habitat loss, poaching and territorial overlapping with human settlements continue to threaten the species. Moll is probably not my favourite pet of all time – and not just because of her chronic flatulence.That honour would have to go to Lucy, a long haired grey tortoiseshell cat.
In a built-up city 75 per cent of litters born to a mum cat will have two or more fathers – cats can get pregnant by different cats at the same time. It’s the most sensitive part of their body because they walk on tip toes at all times.

Unlike humans, whose hearing shuts off when they’re asleep and switches back on when a loud noise wakes them, cats have hearing on all the time. They twist themselves onto their fronts and exapnd their legs to take them into a parachute shape which slows them down.
Another surprise was that during the week of the experiment the cats seemed to be hunting less than expected, preferring to spend more time in each othera€™s houses eating other catsa€™ food.Cat behaviour expert Dr John Bradshaw believes that cat behaviour may be changing or evolving.
The cats are no longer kept to hunt rodents and so choose to find easier pickings elsewhere. Alan specialises in developing and apply highly innovative GPS and inertial measurement equipment to track and measure the performance of athletic animals ranging from racehorses to wild cheetahs and lions in Africa and understanding the links between anatomy and athletic performance. The cat and dog have struck up a friendship that throws out all the rule books.That’s the problem with cats.

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