Called into the college, it turns out that the admissions officer is a girl he had sex with. Guest stars include Phillip Anthony-Rodriguez, Beverley Mitchell, Anne Ramsay, Paula Turbay, L. In the meantime, Ricky grows increasingly nervous about preparing his valedictorian speech, which is full of heartache as well as surprises.

She offers to give him a place in the college if he has sex with her: it’s quite possibly the dumbest plot the show has done, which is quite an accomplishment if you think about it. Scott Caldwell, Renee Olstead, Camille Winbush, Allen Evangelista, Amy Rider, Brando Eaton, Grant Harvey, Mackenzie Rosman, William R.
Once graduation has commenced, the Grant High students embark on what is to be the night of their lives.

Just as the party is in full swing, Grace is stunned to see Daniel’s ex-girlfriend, while Lauren refuses to hook up with Jesse.

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