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Omar is a minor character in The Secret Life of the American Teenager, introduced in Season 4. At the end of And Circumstance, Ricky agrees to kiss Adrian (with Amy's permission), and Adrian is convinced that she's free of Ricky forever. Soon after, Dante unexpectedly returns, and tells Adrian that he can't stop thinking about her, in Smokin' Like a Virgin. In Suddenly Last Summer, Omar tells Adrian that he loves having sex with her, but their relationship needs to be more than that. Finally, in 4SnP Daniel tells Omar about the fact that he found out from Raven that Adrian kissed Grace. In Love is Love, Omar breaks up with Adrian for kissing Grace, and informs her that kissing a girl is no different from kissing a guy. The series cast includes Shailene Woodley, Ken Baumann, Mark Derwin, India Eisley, Greg Finley, Daren Kagasoff, Megan Park, Francia Raisa with Steve Schirripa and Molly Ringwald. Premise: A drama focusing on a teenager coping with an unexpected pregnancy, followed by new motherhood.

We are eternally grateful to everyone who had supported the site over the years, from vendors, content editors and developers, to our fantastic users — you made our passion a reality. Adrian has since moved on (similar can be said about Ben, and his newfound interest of Dylan). Omar, however, is very upset, and walks out of the party, leaving Adrian sad and heartbroken behind. Grace tells Adrian to tell Dante the truth, and Adrian hurriedly tells him (Dante) that while he was gone, she went on a date with Omar, and, "'He hates me right now, but I still care about him'", much to Dante's shock. Adrian says that it doesn't, but Omar says that if they want their relationship to last more than a year or two, then she will listen to him. Even though Adrian is outraged and begs to differ that kissing a girl was like "kissing herself in the mirror", Omar still won't accept that. After last week’s travesty of an episode, I honestly doubted I could ever look at the show again. The series, from '7th Heaven' creator Brenda Hampton, also explores how this drastic change in her life affects her family and friends.
Adrian met Omar when she wanted to speak to Dante about not calling her back after a date with him.She went to Omar's apartment, pretty much furious, and confronted Omar on the matter, who (after Adrian explained the whole situation) told Adrian that he was Dante's older brother. Adrian and Omar get back in touch, and start another relationship, which means lots of sex at both their respective places. Since he is best friends with Daniel, he is quick to tell Adrian that he (Daniel) has invited both of them and probably Raven to a date at the movies.

Ben is interested in Dylan, the new girl he met at the graduation party, but her parents want her to be cautious while Leo encourages Ben to ask her out. Adrian gets upset, as she doesn't like Raven, because she is loyal to Grace, but Omar is glad that Adrian doesn't call Raven a slut. But, it turns out that Ben should be the cautious one as it turns out that Dylan and her friends Raven, Mercedes and Wendy might be trouble. She’s getting even more slutty (well, as slutty as this show gets) but he wants to “figure out how we feel about each other” before they do anything. However, Omar politely explains that Dante left to go backpacking and by not calling Adrian, he was rude not to inform her of their plans. And, Adrian and Grace decide to put their boy trouble aside, move in together and attend summer school to support each other over the break.
Their last scene together is her (Adrian) telling Omar about wanting to be a lawyer, and how he kisses her, and also telling her that he loves to hear her talk.
They begin a casual relationship, and things get really fun when he unexpectedly shows up at Adrian's condo.

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