Audiences 18-34 enjoy The Secret Life of the American Teenager, and the proof is the 3+ million viewers who regularly watch it Monday evenings on ABC Family. Previous Volume 1-3 DVD releases played out teens going through pregnancy and a young mother’s frustrations. As a parent and grandparent, I wish The Just Say Me Campaign where girls swear off sex remained in the forefront longer. The product(s) featured in this review was provided free of cost to me for the sole purpose of product testing and review.
The product featured in this post was provided free of cost to me for the sole purpose of product testing and review.
The Secret Life of the American Teenager: Volume Four also takes you behind the scenes with a handful of very short featurettes. The best featurette on the DVD is "Megan Talks to Canada." In this brief piece, Megan Park talks to the Canadian fans, then demonstrates just how hard it is to talk "American" when she quizzes director Anson Williams on Canadian slang. The only other special feature is an ABC Family promo with clips of the various cast members talking about family and the diverse kinds of families you see on the show. Please note that any personal opinions reflected in this post are my own and have not been influenced by the sponsor in any way. It features the second half of Season Two and a couple of special features that will be fun for any fan of the series.

Then Ben and Grace get a little closer when Amy finds a new boyfriend who doesn't seem to mind that she's a mom, Anne and George split, then come back together with a little help from an outside party and Ricky decides it's time to confront his own demons so he can move on. First there's a two-part interview with Allen Evangelista and Amy Rider, who play Henry and Alice. It's a cute bit and it was fun to see Potsie from Happy Days step in front of the camera again. Please note that the opinions reflected in this post have not been influenced by the sponsor in any way. Time to check my travel bag–cosmetics, toiletries, meds all there especially my Colgate regiment.
Next, you get to see a couple of the guys shoot some hoops to relax between takes and then you get to step inside the recording studio to meet that band that plays all of the background music. When I happen to catch a marathon of it on ABC Family, it’s safe to say that any tasks I has planned on accomplishing that day are going to have to wait till the next day.
When Chip asked the team if anyone would be willing to review Volume Six on DVD, I jumped at the chance!After devouring the 3-disc set, I have to say, it is a must-own for any Secret Life fans! Volume Six is a continuation of third season of the series, and picks up right where Volume Five left off. Wedding bells are chiming as Ben and Adrian are about to walk down the aisle, and Amy and Ricky pursue a serious relationship.

As a public school teacher now retired, I have always been and always will be a child advocate. The episodes are packed with drama and excitement as characters you know and love continue their way through high school, forging friendships, learning life lessons, and have fun. My interests in traveling, photography, camping, reading, writing, and doing volunteer work keep me on the go. I love owning these on DVD because now I can have a marathon whenever I want — I can always run my errands tomorrow!So tell me, are you going to purchase this? In fact, I oftentimes am able to negotiate a lower rate (or bonuses) not available elsewhere. Plus, when you order through my link, it helps me to pay for my website, and continue to offer you lots of free stuff.

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