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None of the patrons in The Secret Life of the Pub had stories outrageous to tell, but that didn't stop them telling them. So, Puri was the main reason that the leading couple of the project had to go to give Puri company. Ashley and his best friend Gary, it must be said, came across as pretty determined misanthropes, moaning constantly about life, work and various sci-fi related matters as they drank the evening away.

It's dubbed a documentary about 'modern men who partake in pub culture' which is basically a look at what blokes talk about over a pint in their local boozer. You may not like the content of a programme but if the form of its presentation is perfect then five stars. But by the end of this one-off documentary it was getting harder and harder to disagree with Ashley’s view on the male of the species. This doc provided entertaining examples of them all, but nothing to answer the obvious question for viewers: wouldn't you rather just be in the pub? He is presently in Goa shooting for Temper, tentatively titled project for Puri-NTR’s flick. It seems they are having a great time visiting the pubs and discos claims Kajal.  Kajal tells captured some photographs when they were in pub and published in her social networking sites.

As we already know that NTR and Kajal make a good pair, so even this would be a treat to all his fans! Probably, but as shows like Gogglebox demonstrate, there's nothing like people-watching from the comfort of your own sofa.
However, as we know that Puri Jagannadh is kind of person with a lavish lifestyle and enjoys hanging out in pubs, discos and so on.
Especially in the case of Adam, Flu, Phil, Stu and Jackson, friends for 22 years since they shared a student flat, and whose humour-filled conversation reflected the full depth and breath of their friendship, even veering into unblokishly personal areas, such as sexuality and parenthood.

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