As the last day of school begins, Amy reveals to Lauren and Madison that she thinks that John has been saying "ring!" over and over.
Ricky runs back to Grant High School after forgetting something, it is a small velvet box for jewelry.
Ben meets up with Adrian, and takes her to Poppi's Tacos for old time's sake before the ceremony.
His speech is telling everyone about his years of child abuse at the hands of his father, and about how thankful he is to have his foster parents, Margaret and Shakur, and Nora, his birth mother, in his lives. This was the last appearance of Jesse and Peter as they never appear again after this episode. Jack (preparing his introduction, as mentioned above), Ricky, memorizing his speech as valedictorian, and Adrian, plotting to get one last kiss from Ricky.
Jack, who's hanging out with Grant, gets the information and passes it on to Grace, who hears it from Grant as well.

Then the principal announces Ricky, who also has won a special award in addition to valedictorian.
He also thanks Amy, for finally allowing him to love a person, and then asks her to come up onstage.
Amy and Ricky go together, Ben and Henry go together, Griffin and Peter (along with a new guy who wants to take Griffin away from Peter) are there together, Grace and Daniel are there, Jack is there alone, Alice is there alone, and Adrian is there with Omar. Lauren advises Amy not to be too hasty, and gives several possible things that John could've been talking about. Adrian hears it somehow (probably from Grace), and tells Ricky not to propose to Amy, which Ricky refuses.
Ricky kisses Adrian one last time, and Adrian discovers that she's free, and that she doesn't love Ricky anymore.
As the camera pulls away, we get a clear look of the lake and of Jack kissing Grace and Ricky kissing Amy.

Adrian, who is sitting by Jack, tries to stand up to stop him, but Jack reaches out and holds Adrian down.
But he tells her that it was disrespectful to everyone involved, and leaves with Daniel, who is wary of his ex-girlfriend (who is at the party) named Raven. Adrian is about to get dressed, with Henry asking Jack if he can get a ride, but he refuses by saying there's no room before leaving.

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