The Secret Life of Words has well known stars; (Academy Award Winner) Tim Robbins, Sarah Polley, and Julie Chrisite.
The Secret Life of Words was made in 2007 and was produced by Universal and Focus Features. This film has great moments but they are overshadowed by too much buildup with the wrong character. In closing, The Secret Life of Words is likely to be a film that is just too small to be noticed. It also stars a few foreign names such as; Javier Camara and Sverre Anker Ousdal, and was written and directed by Isabel Coixet. Once we are finally introduced back to the Tim Robbins character, post accident, the film finally picks up from its dragging points.
Une plateforme petroliere ou ne vivent que des hommes, ceux qui y travaillent, et ou vient d'avoir lieu un accident. There are many little nuances of Sarah Polley’s character that we should care for, such as her being hearing impaired.
The heart of this film lies within the scenes that take place between Sarah Polley and Tim Robbins alone together. Une femme mysterieuse et solitaire,debarque sur la plateforme pour soigner un homme qui a temporairement perdu la vue. Une femme mysterieuse et solitaire, essayant d'oublier son passe, debarque sur la plateforme pour soigner un homme qui a temporairement perdu la vue. After a long grueling viewing of The Secret Life of Words I couldn’t wait for it to end.

An oil worker is badly burned on the job and needs to be helped, by a nurse, with everyday needs; feeding and tending to his wounds. Entre eux se cree une etrange intimite, un lien fait de secrets,tisse de verites, de mensonges, d'humour et de souffrance, qui ne les laissera pas indemnes et changera leur vie. Sure with a name such as Tim Robbins (who has a much better performance in Mystic River) you’re sure to get a fine performance. The directing of this film has strong and powerful moments but are overshadowed by a slow basic story.
When we finally hear the background story of why Tim Robbins’ character calls Sarah Polley by the different name Cora we learn, understand, and feel extremely sorry for him that much more.
It was recognized in low end festivals that most audiences likely haven’t even heard of. While treated he reveals his deepest secrets with her and tries to learn and dig into her past mysterious life about her own hidden identity. It left me confused until I realized that the girl’s voice was supposed to be Sarah Polley as a child. When they cut away from Tim Robbins you almost don’t care about the movie until they come back to him.
For fans of strong acting that like solid performances should give it a chance, but those that want a good story I’d say to pass on this one. For example, Sarah Polley manages to keep her accent throughout the film and never loses it, which shows a strong actress from the rest. This film, The Secret Life of Words, may reach few but I found it to be a little more on the agonizing side.

With the accident that Tim Robbins’ character suffers from, the make-up crew did a basic job without overdoing the look of a burn patient. Tim Robbins performance is the only strength to this film and at times his character is sad to watch.
Sarah Polley has her ups and downs also but has a very powerful scene where she talks about soldiers dying in war. There were edits and moments where I felt it cut between locations almost in mid thought that baffled me. She and Tim Robbins have great chemistry working off each other extremely well, but to make their roles as a couple never seemed right. I’m not sure if this is a style of this director but I saw it as strange moments and it left me lost. Even with a big age and height difference they never seem to be the right fit to be a couple. For a sad story and heavy film the only light hearted moment comes from two elder ladies on a bus watching a TV screen that plays the film Bloodsport. They have a funny conversation about Vin Diesel being a better actor than Jean Claude Van Damme.

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