Internationally acclaimed actress Mia Farrow stars as the mother of a troubled teen whose young life veers wildly out of control in this suspenseful and intelligent drama. Zoey Carter (Julia Whelan), normally a responsible and loving daughter: becomes trapped in a downward spiral of drugs, lies and deceit.
An American con artist escapes to the Australian outback to hide from a mob, but he soon finds himself kidnapped by a man hungry young woman who leads him to a bizarre community hidden in the outback. Zoey seems to be the perfect child until her mom discovers her drug addiction, which is causing their lives to spiral out of control. Mike Harper (Andrew McCarthy), she is finally able to confront the demons that she alone can defeat.

Originally titled On the Edge, this Lifetime cable network feature film is the story of Carter (Julia Whelan), the superachieving "perfect" daughter of professional couple Marcia and Larry Carter (Mia Farrow and Cliff De Young). Powerful performances, suspenseful direction and a tight script make this an emotional story that will touch you in some very secret places. Marcia Carter believes that everything goes well with your daughter, not knowing that has been taking huge amounts of pills.
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