The second season of The Secret Life of the American Teenager, an American television series created by Brenda Hampton, debuted on the ABC Family television network on Monday, June 22, 2009 at 8:00PM. Following the success of its first season, ABC Family announced on January 31, 2009, plans to renew Secret Life, following the cancellation of its hit sci-fi TV show, Kyle XY.
The season premiere of Secret Life brought in the largest audience for the show so far, with a record breaking 4.68 million viewers. This season, Amy Juergens must deal with juggling motherhood and high school, while her family and friends experience relationship challenges of their own.
Amy tells her mother that she will go to Italy with Ben, while Ashley delivers the message to Amy that Anne and David are engaged.
Amy refuses to let Ben come over to say goodbye to her and John for the summer, but instead agrees to letting Ricky take John to his new apartment for the night. As everyone returns from their summer vacations, they all look to their futures and think about what happened between each other; Ben asks Leo if he needs to work on a relationship or if a relationship just happens, while George makes a big revelation to Anne by telling her that he lied about his vasectomy.
George takes matters into his own hands, hoping to smooth out his relationship with both David and Anne. Tom gets upset when Jack fixes a cabinet and Adrian's father asks her to improve her relationship with Amy.
Ben meets a girl named Heather, who is pregnant, and asks him to hang out with her over the weekend. George makes a room in the garage for Ashley, sparking jealousy in Amy, while Adrian finishes packing her things, preparing to move into George and Ashley's old house. While close friends of Amy suspect Ben and Amy's breakup, Ben's friend from Italy, Maria, visits.
After finding out Ricky has cheated, Adrian throws her phone at the butcher shop window, prompting Ricky to confront her after he's approached by Bunny over the incident. When Jimmy doesn't call her, Madison and Lauren instill worries in Amy that she may have done something wrong. Adrian confesses to Ricky what happened between her and Ben and is surprised to learn that Ricky only kissed Amy. Leo offers advice as well as forgiveness to Ricky for leaving, and Ben seeks Ricky's forgiveness. After her refusal, Ricky enlists George's help in getting Amy to reconsider his custody proposal. On John's first birthday, Anne tells Amy that she and George would not attend their grandson's birthday party because Mimzy had a stroke. The official press release was released on February 9 with ABC Family ordering 24 episodes for season two. It brought in the second largest audience in adults 18-34 with 1.40 million viewers, behind season one's mid-season finale. Meanwhile, Ben decides he does not like Betty, with whom his father is seemingly in love, and expresses to Amy that he wants to have sex.
Meanwhile, Ben asks Leo for his job at the butcher shop back and plans to go to Italy for the summer, Grace goes back to school, gets back together with Jack and re-kindles her friendship with Adrian, Ricky becomes jealous as he asks Adrian for a commitment and makes her promise not to have sex with anyone but with him, and David proposes to Anne.
Ricky contests Amy's going away with their son and Amy prompts Ben to rethink leaving her behind for the summer since Ricky is getting his own place.
Marc Molina, the school guidance counselor, resigns at the end of the school year, while Anne starts pushing the divorce after she decides to accept David's marriage proposal. David tells Amy that he will buy her a new car, while Ashley starts her first day of high school and meets a new gay friend, Griffin.
Elsewhere, Amy asks Ricky if he knows anything about Ben having sex in Bologna and Grace and Adrian pay a visit to Ashley and George's house.
Elsewhere, Jack apologizes to Tom for trying to take his fatherly place and attempts to teach Tom to throw a football, but Tom intentionally throws the ball at Jack's groin.
Grace believes that she and Jack should talk at a Teen Abstinence Group at her church, presenting their reasons why to wait to have sex. Betty tells Ben that she will be moving into his and Leo's house and Ashley asks Ricky to go to Betty's garage sale while George watches Anne.
Meanwhile, Adrian and Ricky both go to therapy where, Adrian reveals her first time having sex and why she wants a commitment.
While at the store, Anne's ex-boyfriend from high school, Josh, asks Anne to kiss him and Amy meets Jimmy who is the son of Anne's ex-boyfriend. While the relationship starts as an act, Adrian starts to enjoy Amy's company, while Amy feels it is nice to have someone besides a boyfriend in her life.
Meanwhile, Ashley persuades George to visit Anne to rekindle their relationship, and Griffin sends his cousin Grant to get to know Ashley. Adrian pushes Ricky to have their parents meet before her parents' wedding, and Ricky reluctantly agrees while insisting that no commitment is to come of it. While at the mother daughter dance, the mothers and daughters are caught up in gossip as Anne, Ashley, Grace, Amy, and Adrian discuss each other's personal relationships.
After finding out about Ben and Adrian, Amy visits Jimmy to find out why he never called her and both apologize for their actions. Meanwhile, Adrian tells Cindy that she had sex with Ben; Cindy tells Ruben, who becomes upset. Adrian and Amy team up against Ricky by devising a plan for the custody hearing by having friends speak up on Amy's behalf for the mediation.

Adrian tells Grace that she wants an abortion, and Grace urges to get an early pregnancy test to make sure she is actually pregnant. Guest stars include Phillip Anthony-Rodriguez, Beverley Mitchell, Anne Ramsay, Paula Turbay, L. Jorge Pallo returned for a select number of episodes to wrap up his character's storyline and eventually departed the series after its January return.
Meanwhile, Ben tries to figure out where he fits in in Amy's life when she refuses to let him babysit John. Ricky shows up at Amy's unexpectedly to lend her a hand but she receives his help unwillingly.
Grace tells Tom and Adrian that George told her that he lied about the vasectomy, and the secret flies around the school, only to arrive at Amy, who asks Ashley if George told the truth. At the same time, Ashley reaches a breaking point urging George to tell Anne that the baby is his and Grace gets accepted into a medical school for the summer.
Elsewhere, Ricky and Adrian don't really trust each other even though they promised to commit.
Ricky learns about Adrian's plans and becomes upset that Adrian will be moving next door to Amy.
Ricky urges Adrian to undo the trouble she has made with Amy and threatens to never come near her again unless she does so. Elsewhere, Anne is put on bed rest and George tells Amy not to go out with Ben, but Amy refuses to listen to her father, believing he is not the boss of her.
Elsewhere, Griffin encourages Ashley to make up with Amy, Anne goes into labor, and George delivers the baby. Ashley and Griffin have a sleepover and talk about Griffin's sexuality, while Ben regrets having Maria over before she goes home to Italy. She turns to Tom who breaks up with Tammy because he thinks that after loaning her money, they will marry. Meanwhile, Grace starts a trend when she decides to take care of herself and not worry about others. Ben reveals to Henry and Alice the underlying reason for breaking things off with Amy which was fear that having sex with her may result in a second pregnancy. Meanwhile, Madison and Lauren babysit John, Ashley's developing feelings for Grant escalate into a kiss, and George and Anne seek counseling from Dr.
Elsewhere, Jeff and Kathleen marry, but Grace isn't excited when they decide to have their honeymoon at home. Elsewhere, Anne, George, Margaret and Shakur have a dinner discussion about their children not being able to come to an agreement.
Scott Caldwell, Renee Olstead, Camille Winbush, Allen Evangelista, Amy Rider, Brando Eaton, Grant Harvey, Mackenzie Rosman, William R. Though marketed as the season finale, the mid season finale aired on September 7, 2009, with the second half of the season returning on January 4, 2010. The season premiere remains the number one scripted original premiere of Summer 2009 in Adults 18-34. Elsewhere, Grace tells Adrian that she is going to have sex with Jack but Adrian objects because she believes Grace isn’t physically, mentally, or spiritually ready. Meanwhile, when Ricky asks Leo for a raise, Leo gives Ricky the apartment above the butcher shop and the raise, and David asks Anne to move into their own home.
Upon packing, Ben confronts Leo about Betty, but Leo reassures Ben that he trusts her because she has been honest. Anne tells David that she won't move into his house, while David urges Anne to think through her and George's relationship, giving the car to Anne instead of Amy.
Ben receives a post card written in Italian and asks Leo if there is anything about sex written in the card.
Meanwhile, George gets a dog, which upsets Anne, Amy fails to go out with Ben for the night, Heather and Ben go out on a friend to friend basis, and Ben decides that he is not the right friend for her. At the same time, Amy becomes furious when her and George suspect that Ricky went on a date with Ashley so he could have sex with her and Grace's mom tells Grace and Tom that she met a man. Elsewhere, Ricky takes Mac's (a boy Adrian previously slept with) girlfriend, Zoe, to his apartment and has sex with her, and Amy drives home with John after getting her license.
Meanwhile, Amy tells Ben to quit delaying to act on his intention to break up with her and Jack tells Grace that he is dating Madison. Ben's father remains upset with Ben's decision to have sex with Adrian and feels he should apologize to Amy, Adrian, and Ricky for his irresponsible actions.
When Amy and Ricky arrive at the butcher shop, Ben tells Amy that he would always be there for her. Furthermore, the mid-season premiere became ABC Family's most watched telecast of all time with viewers ages 12–34 with more than three million viewers watching. Going against both her father's and Adrian's wishes, Grace has sex with Jack and later learns that her father died in a plane crash. Meanwhile, wanting to have sex with Amy, a frustrated Ben quits his job at the butcher shop, Adrian believes God is telling her to quit having sex, and Ricky influences Grace to pay respects at her father's funeral. Meanwhile, Ricky stops over at Amy's house to pick up John for the night and Amy informs him her mom has gone with David for the night.
At the same time, George allows Adrian's mother and father to see the house and Ben and Ashley suspect Amy and Ricky did more together than watch John over the summer, but Amy tells Ben that Ricky only slept over.

Ricky tells Adrian that he doesn't see himself marrying and raising a family with anyone, including her nor Amy, in the future.
The family decides upon the name Robert for Anne's new boy, and Grace tells her mother that she is breaking up with Jack. Elsewhere, Amy and Ricky's relationship become strained when Ricky decides he wants to see his son after Amy's seemingly endless vacation staying with Mimzy (Anne's mom), Adrian's mom takes a job offer in New York, only to have Adrian struggle with the decision to stay with her father and go with her mother, and upon the arrival back at school, the gang's parents explain their mistakes so their son or daughter will not make the same ones. Tom tells Jack that Grace is having sex with herself while Kathleen's Jewish boyfriend Jeff, tells her that he loves her.
After George knocks on Anne's apartment door, Josh answers and explains Anne is with Mimsy and might come back home.
Meanwhile, at the mother daughter dance, rumors fly around that George and Anne will get married again.
Elsewhere, Ben is deeply convinced that he wants to be with Amy and regrets having anything to do with Adrian or Grace. Anne advises Amy to immediately confront her issues with Ricky and Amy realizes she would do just about anything for John.
When Amy decides that Ricky would be a good father to John, the mediator grants Ricky joint custody of John.
Betty and Leo happily marry each other; at the same time, Anne tells George she isn't ready for a wedding, and Adrian wants to tell Ben that she could be pregnant, but a decision is not made.
The mid-season premiere also brought in the show's second largest audience in total viewers, with more than 4.55 million people watching.
Elsewhere, Adrian is confused about her relationship with Ricky and tries to resolve matters between them. Meanwhile, Amy remains angry at Adrian and refuses to accept her many half ridden apologies and Ricky asks Amy if she thinks that they could ever be in a relationship together, but Amy declares that she loves Ben and doesn't trust Ricky.
Tired of being judged and under credited for taking care of both Amy and John, Ricky reaches a breaking point, and Adrian tells Ricky that they both need therapy if they are to make things better between them. Bink finds that Grace is the one who is responsible for the campaign, and calls her mom, only to make both of them clean up the school. While Ricky encourages Amy not to get caught up with Ben and Grace and tells her that he likes the attitude change he sees in her, Adrian's parents tell her they will get married, therefore causing her mom not to take the job offer in New York.
Bink promotes the mother daughter dance around Grant High School, and girls around the school ask their mothers to join them at the dance. Later, Ben goes over to Amy's in hopes of a reconciliation only to find out about the kiss between Amy and Ricky. Because Ben had sex with Adrian, Ricky gets angry with Ben's irresponsible action, destroying the friendship he has with Ricky, and causing Ricky to leave town in anger.
No longer regretful, Adrian reassures Ben that they are both friends, while Ricky offers forgiveness to his mother as he struggles with his decision to abandon his son in order to escape his troubles.
Ricky walks in on Ben and Amy kissing, but Ben gets angry when he discovers Ricky spent the night and leaves. Amy tells Heather that she and her family will be there for Heather when the baby arrives if she needs them, and thanks George for being there for her throughout her own pregnancy.
When she returns home, Anne sees George outside with another woman, and tells Ashley that she doesn't think it would be a good time for her to be back.
Grace is reluctant to ask Kathleen to attend since she feels her mom is marrying Jeff too soon. Later, Madison and Lauren are convinced Ricky is acting on his unresolved emotions for Amy. Without Ricky or anyone else knowing, Amy throws a little party for John and herself the night before his birthday. Later, Jimmy comes to invite Amy out for pizza and Amy decides to leave John with Ricky and Adrian instead of taking him with them.
The two of them end up having sex, which they consider to be an act of revenge against Ricky and Amy. Meanwhile, Grace offers Ben her friendship and Ashley and Grant begin seeing each other regularly. He explains that Ricky's cheating is a result of Adrian's refusal to make peace with the mother of his son. An insecure Adrian meddles in Amy's love affairs with Jimmy due to an increasing fear that a single Amy and Ricky might just connect.
Anne and George disagree on an appropriate time frame to remarry, and Ricky tells Amy that he is seeking the right to take John on weekends.
Trying to mediate things with Amy, Ricky tells her that he is afraid that if she ever leaves, he will never see John again. At the same time, a confused Anne attempts to sort out her relationship with George and their family, encouraging that they see a therapist. Later on, Ashley tells Anne that although it seems like their family is divided into two sides, she still loves her mother too.

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