So why does his wife cheat (or are his assumptions even accurate)?  Is it the fact that he might be the most passive person in the world?  Is it the fact that he seems much closer to their three children, including their youngest daughter who screams only for him and hits Dana when she comes too close?  Are the emotional outbursts he starts to have more common in their marriage than they seem?  Or is it, as David tries to tell himself, nothing to do with him and just something his wife needs to go through herself? The Secret Lives of Dentists was my favorite film of 2002 and features my favorite film scene of all time. It’s the team behind Minions and Despicable Me, with an idea that is just so universal and marketable. Logo Concept by: Illumination InkAll names, trademarks and images are copyright their respective owners. Spanish photographer Alvaro Laiz spent three and a half months documenting the lives of male to female transgender people in Ulaanbaatar, intrigued by how they saw themselves in the larger fiber of society. Hide Caption 2 of 99 photos: The secret lives of transgender Mongolians For transgender people in Ulaanbaatar, life goes on behind closed doors.

The only places where they can safely express themselves are underground clubs and private parties, some of which Laiz was fortunate enough to be invited to:" Actually, I have to say they organize the best parties in the city," he points out. Here Nurbul, a professional dancer, prepares herself for a private show at a gay party in Ulaanbaatar.
Hide Caption 3 of 99 photos: The secret lives of transgender Mongolians Only a handful are not frightened to show who they are freely, such as Gambush, a well-known night club dancer who dares to walk in the streets of Ulaanbaatar in female dress. She is pictured here getting ready for a night's work with her personal make-up artist, in a brothel where she used to work as a prostitute, but now teaches striptease. Hide Caption 4 of 99 photos: The secret lives of transgender Mongolians Naaram, a close friend of Gambush, spent most of her youth in Russia where she became an alcoholic.
Hide Caption 6 of 99 photos: The secret lives of transgender Mongolians Nyamka performs at underground parties as her alter ego "Vanity", but is careful to remove her make-up and change from female clothes in a taxi immediately after her performance.

He earns a low wage working for a local NGO, but struggles to get more lucrative employment due to being transgender: "Ulaanbaatar is very small. Hide Caption 8 of 99 photos: The secret lives of transgender Mongolians After one of his subjects showed Laiz an old Mongolian queen dress, he decided to photograph the group clad in traditional garments outside Ulaanbaatar. Hide Caption 9 of 9The secret lives of transgender Mongolians are exposed in stunning new images.

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