Samantha (a dorkette) is in love with Payton (a dork) who is in love with Carrie (a cheerleader),who dates Clark (the football captain). In The Secret Lives of Dorks Payton is a pathetic dork, a comic book geek whose high school career is one series of bad moves one after another. The film is being released by distribution company Gravitas Ventures into limited theaters today, and it’s also now available on VOD. A socially awkward teen (Gaelan Connell) develops a crush on a popular cheerleader (Riley Voelkel), who attempts to deflect his advances by setting him up with the dorkiest girl in school (Vanessa Marano).
When Clark seeks out Payton for secret comic book lessons, Payton sees his chance to be with Carrie.

Hopelessly in love with Carrie, Payton is given life lessons by Carrie, who hopes to socialize Payton just enough to get him off her back and into the arms of Samantha. But he gets stuck in an awkward and terribly uncomfortable conversation with her parents (William Katt and Kay Lenz), while waiting for her to come downstairs.
Yet he’s a dreamer and madly in love with the head cheerleader Carrie (Voelkel), who he is determined to win over. But even the simplest formula can equal disaster when a cheerleader tries to play matchmaker to a dork and a dorkette.
And when Payton takes his act out in public… well, that’s when his life shifts into gear from lonely misery to utter disaster!

But she is wise to his desperate advances, so to get off his radar she creates a plan to push him into the arms of a dorkette at the school, Samantha (Marano).
She tries to improve his social skills in order to ask Samantha out and her plan just might work, but this is Payton we’re talking about.

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