By 20, I was enrolled at the University of California Riverside (UCR) studying anthropology and history and by the end of my time there at 22, I had become an obsessive academic and given up the business to pursue knowledge instead of handrails.
Over the last three years, I have worked in Alturas, California for the United States Bureau of Land Management and in Hawai'i for Cultural Surveys Hawai'i and later for my own firm Heritage Pacific.
My exit from this life coincided with an increasing interest in film as well as acceptance into a Ph.D.
I have produced a number of documentaries over the last few years and continue to publish as much as possible.

A 5-minute video that I produced in one day at an ethnographic filmmaking workshop at University College London anthropology department for the Oxford Academy of Documentary Film. A short one from Luton, just north of London which a friend has advised me resembles a music video more than a piece of research.
I also have a small section in Claire Smith and Heather Burke's book Digging it up Down Under. Thesis titled History Submerged: A Legacy of Modernity (though I think it is an old version with some typos) and an abstract of it in Australian Archaeology.

My work there got me into two great schools to pursue underwater archaeology as a graduate student - James Cook University in Queensland Australia and the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. After visualizing spending days on end floating in cold Scottish Crannogs, the choice was pretty easy.

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