Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri is commonly accepted as one of the best strategy games ever made.
Perhaps the first thing veteran 4X gamers will notice about Pandora is how familiar it all feels. Another distinct and strong feature, that makes Pandora stand apart from other 4X games, is the tech tree’s random nature. This was the price to pay for the randomization process, but I think the devs could have implemented the system a bit better. Another strong innovation in Pandora is the possibility to use support actions anywhere in the map.
One more innovation worth mentioning is the nice automatic migration feature, another rare system to find in 4X games. The way this will work is that by no means I’ll be thorough in my comparison, as I will not do a review of SMAC here! Then there are other aspects which I think are worth mentioning, like the diplomacy which I think is richer in SMAC, or at least feels more authentic and has more flavor than Pandora’s. In conclusion, and to close this already long SMAC vs Pandora section, I think SMAC is perhaps a more immersive game overall. But, if you’re a SMAC fan and are still undecided if this is the right game for you or not, hopefully the next chapters will help clarify that for you. I already talked a good deal about the factions, UI and how the research and production work in Pandora. Exploring the map is perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of a 4X game, and Pandora does a fair job in this department. My theory for this predictable behavior is that I think the diplomacy system may be a bit too one-dimensional right now, relying too much on military power to decide when to go sour or nicer towards another player.
But, on a brighter side, diplomacy is quite dependable, so you can really tell who your friends are. So, if you have nothing against military stacks, and each unit attacking in sequence always against the best defender of the defending pack (ala Civ4), then you’re up for a treat. Concerning diplomacy, and considering the weaknesses outlined above, my impression is that the AI plays the diplomatic game very well. So, in conclusion, I think the AI in this game is quite good and will give you a nice challenge, especially if you go with the higher difficulty levels where the AIs receive morale bonuses which allows them to grow faster than the Human player in all aspects allowing them to produce more units. Music overall is good (eight new tracks were introduced after I played the game for this review by the way).
The game offers multiplayer via direct connection or through a lobby for which you need to register an account on Slitherine first.
The manual is essentially composed of lore but I found that the game is easy to learn just by playing it. You can rename many things in the game including the city name, the new unit designs but also all the individual troops, an essential but many times neglected feature that allows the player to create his own story.
Playing Pandora feels like experiencing some of the best features other 4X games and great strategy games before it had to offer combined into a single game, sprinkled with a few nice innovations.
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The annual of millions of zebra, wildebeest (gnu) and other antelope in East tops almost every list of safari experiences.
Seems either no one is talking about louis daguerre at this moment on GOOGLE-PLUS or the GOOGLE-PLUS service is congested. But, almost 15 years since its release there hasn’t been any new sci-fi turn-based 4X game set on a planetary scale. The reason for this familiarity is that Pandora looks and plays similar to the Civilization game series, the eternal reference for planetary 4X games.
What this means is that each map tile around your city does not generate all the yield shown in the tile but only the amount according to how you assign your workforce. Research paths in Civilization and SMAC, as for almost any other 4X game for that matter, are fixed. Many tech paths are plausible enough if you use your imagination a bit, but some don’t make any sense at all. These immediate actions, called operations, let you have a more direct and fast interaction with the battlefield.
When your morale is low and you don’t have enough living space in your cities, your people will tend to migrate to more desirable locations.
So, to refresh my memory I dedicated a portion of this review time to play SMAC and to see how Pandora really stands out against Firaxis’ sci-fi strategy master piece. SMAC not only allows you to have multiple improvements in a single tile, but it also offers an extra layer of exploitation (deeper mining, more energy extraction and even more food production). Social engineering, or government policies. In SMAC you can unlock new types of governments, or policies during the game, and make a series of defining choices about who you are as a faction, which has a profound effect in the game. I think Proxy really did a good job on creating some interesting alien creatures which are really intriguing. The sense of mystery when you explore and reveal territory, and first meet each of the different alien species, is quite absorbing.
You can set their aggression level at game setup by the way, which includes a random setting, so you’ll never known exactly when the aliens will become hostile. Special tiles found across the map will boost your mineral production, food yield, research, morale and credits generation.
And then the general diplomatic status will typically go either the all friends way or the all out war way.
Non-aggression pacts will not allow factions to attack each other until one of them cancels the pact and waits for 5 turns before being able to declare war. More than once I saw an AI asking for non-aggression pacts when it was suddenly declared war by another faction, so to limit the possible war fronts number. It would be cool to have some sort of alien resurgence in late game or witness the return of the ancient civilization hinted by the mysterious ruins. When I first tried it, roughly one year ago, I had hopes that it could become an enjoyable 4X title, but not to the extent that I found it to be now, at release.
Also, I think this is a much easier game to get into than other 4X games like Civilization 5, and certainly an easier one to pickup than Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri. To accept cookies, simply close this pop-up or see our cookie policy for more information. The weather outside can range from 2C to -34C, and the blustery wind (and occasional heavy snowfall) won’t make things any warmer.
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Well, Proxy Studios, a small indie game developer, saw this opportunity, this market gap, and the result was Pandora: First Contact.
And now I play Pandora: First Contact and find it quite distinct and enjoyable in its own way.
They are actually quite satisfying to use because they increase your options and really make you feel powerful, a very important aspect in 4X games. This simple but very nice mechanic helps with immersion, as a sort of feedback to the way you plan your cities. These are a set of modifiers that change key parameters of the game, including efficiency, morale, growth, research, industry, espionage and others.
Some of them are even quite powerful, so, you’ll not want to mess with them too soon. The factions, the way they behave through diplomacy, the voice overs, the more alienesque map nature, all these elements contribute to perhaps a more intense and memorable experience. And, as the harvested resources accumulate in the global empire stockpile, you can, and will certainly want, to specialize your cities.
I find the current system to be serviceable, but more should definitely be done to enrich it, and many aspects are perhaps a bit too predictable at the moment while others are perhaps too erratic. Each faction has its own personality, and you do feel that quite easily as some tend be more friendly while others are more trigger happy.
There are several types of units available, or hulls, which get upgraded with every new era of discovery, for a total of 3 eras. Other times you do feel that the AIs are more open for negotiations when their military strength is crippled and they are at war with another faction. I also noticed that they use terraforming quite effectively, as I usually don’t feel the need to change or improve what they did.
The economy victory condition isn’t clear though and it should be better explained in the documentation. In other words, this is a much better game than I first expected and surely one of the games I’ve enjoyed playing the most in recent years.
Add to that a rare random tech tree and a very satisfying war experience and you get yourself quite a unique game that is both very replayable and fun. If you loved SMAC in the day but are now looking for something fresh and more accessible, perhaps not as complex and immersive but much more fluid and war-like, then Pandora is the right game for you to try. So, chances are that if you like strategy games you’ll probably enjoy your time with Pandora.
No special equipment is needed – the Sami will prepare you for everything should you be short of an anorak or winter coat – but pack your thermals.
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Proxy did well in borrowing some of the best stuff from Civilization 4 and Civilization 5, the most glaring things being the hexagon-styled map, the slick and intuitive user interface, the in-game encyclopedia and the military stacks.
The Human venture into a recently discovered Earth-like exoplanet, the different factions with their distinct ideologies, the hostile alien flora and fauna, the planetary terraforming (not as complex but more on that later), the sense of mystery, the exploration of an alien world, the struggle and the conflict. That wouldn’t be too hard to accomplish, I guess, and immersion would gain with that. Examples of such operations include satellite bombardment, nukes, instant repair, satellite scanning and even controlled singularities (black holes). And, it’s also a useful mechanic sometimes when you want to divert population from one city to another, to say, generate more science or food faster in your newly founded and specialized cities.
So, in essence you have the religious zealot, the militaristic mind, the industrious one, the green sisters, the mogul entrepreneur and the research guy.
And Pandora also adopted many best practices from recent Civilization games, which are almost considered standard these days, like the population growth indicator (ETA for population growth) and the building progress indicator (ETA for building to finish).
Still on the alien fauna, I think Proxy did a good job on creating such a diverse variety of creatures.
But, SMAC is a much less accessible game and it’s definitely a more demanding, complex and time-consuming experience. You can investigate these ruins, and contrary to SMAC, where sometimes the outcome is negative (many times in fact), in Pandora the outcome is always positive. But, more than once I noticed that as soon as my military standing drops, and I mean as fast as in a few turns elapsed, you will start to get tribute demands, non-aggression pacts cancelled and even declarations of war quite fast, even from your long time friends. A few more diplomatic options would be desirable though, to spice things up, like a warmongering penalty, or at least a penalty if you attack an AI which is friends with another AI. This means better ships, ATVs (which are kind of quads), infantry, tanks, airplanes and mechs in each research era, which level up through battle.
But, I didn’t feel that here at all, even in prolonged wars involving dozens of units in both the attacking and defending side. I played all my games on Hard and Very Hard, the top two difficulty levels (by the way, the devs say that the AI isn’t smarter in the higher difficulty levels, they just receive morale bonuses, meaning more production overall, starting on the third difficulty level). The more peaceful factions tend to go after a research or economic victory more, while the more warlike ones will not lose a chance to prey on their weaker neighbors and will usually go for a military victory.
The devs achieved this by letting the AI battle animations happen while you play your turn.
Come evening time, guests retire to a wilderness cabin for warm drinks and a roast dinner, before sleeping in a traditional Sami lavvo (tent).
All food is provided during the tour, but you’ll need to be adventurous – think reindeer sausage. The 1.3 million strong wildebeest herd of Tanzania and Kenya trace a clockwise circuit of East Africas grassland plains, following the rain and the ripening grasses.
The seemingly endless plains of east are the setting for one of the worlds greatest wildlife spectacles which sees around a million and a half animals pound the earth into dust with their hooves on an epic quest for food. That tile will not generate 2 food and 1 mineral if you assign a worker there as it would in Civ games, or in any other typical 4X game. But, the tech tree is quite big and I find most of the techs to be quite interesting, especially at the later stages (e.g. And to achieve that migration effect you just need to improve life conditions on the destination city and not improve them (or even make them worse) in the cities’ you want the migration to come from.
Your faction strengths and weaknesses are fixed in Pandora, they never change throughout the game, while in SMAC there’s an extra layer of faction behavior complexity which turns gameplay much more unpredictable, replayable and ultimately more fun.
Some are airborne, others inhabit the seas while others roam across the land, and some of them are quite beautiful and formidable. So, at the end of the day, and depending on your mood, you may be more inclined to play the quicker, easier to play and more fluid experience of Pandora, perhaps. Sometimes you’re given minerals, other times a stack of food, experience for your troops or perhaps some tech points.
Combined with technology that unlocks resource-boosting buildings it’s sometimes possible to have a single city feeding the entire empire, while you do all your research in another city and let the more production-heavy city build your units for you, usually the capital.
This has the effect that all your friends will be friendlier to the AIs you praise while your rivals will hate them more. But, if you start to create military units and manage to be on par with everyone else, or even have the military lead, usually nobody will bother you, and they’ll even flatter you constantly and give you repeated gifts. This would stop the more militaristic factions from bullying the others over and over again and perhaps make them think twice before declaring war on a faction that is friendly and cooperating with other factions.
Each hull comes with a default power, which is attack and defense strength combined (like in Civ5 for example), movement speed, sight range, upkeep cost and production cost. The splash effect helps counter entrenched cities or big stacks, and satellite bombardments and nuclear missiles will help you soften stacks to the point that you and the AIs should think twice before deciding to put all the eggs in one basket. It’s a small but important feature to allow the players to feel that their experiences, their game stories, meant something. However, I suspect that you still have a good chance to enjoy this game since it offers an interesting new take on the alien planet exploration theme that you love so much. The most glaring difference is perhaps the way the game’s economy works, in particular how the production system works. You either assign one population unit to be a miner there, and it will harvest the 1 mineral alone, or to be a farmer, and it will yield only the 2 food per turn.
You see, the connections between the techs, the tech requirements, are not very meaningful, if they make any sense at all.

The game could just allow you to move people around at will, but I find this simpler and automatic migration system to be much more plausible, fun and micromanagement-friendly. So, this is one area where Proxy has still a lot of work ahead to even think in coming close to SMAC. These are all small things but they do help a lot in the game’s flow when they are all put together. However, it’s not uncommon to find yourself locked in a situation of perpetual friendship where everyone praises each other over and over again, and everybody has non-aggression pacts and is happily cooperating with research and trading pacts. To fix this predictable diplomacy effect, Pandora should have a social engineering or political system of some kind, like the one found in SMAC for example.
Then, you can use the Workshop, which is the game’s feature that allows you to equip and further customize your units with your armor, weapon and special device of choice. But, it depends on the faction too, because some are definitely more warmongering than others. In one of my games, where I was aiming for an economic victory, where you need to amass a huge amount of credits to buyout the other faction’s economies, I lost to the militaristic faction with a science defeat. The combat modifiers and the workshop’s bonuses are also a bit hard to crack, but you should get there through trial and error, eventually.
I suggest that the devs consider implementing a customizable victory condition where the player could tweak the victory parameters, or even special victory conditions for each faction.
Mara is one of the few regions left in where you see animals in the same abundance in which they existed a century ago. Combined with a global resource pool, Pandora’s job allocation system allows for a natural predisposition for city specialization in a scale I never experienced before. You could have researched a new type of farming method that boosts food production and that may lead you to research a… new boat hull next. However, it’s not uncommon to start breakthroughing techs every 2 to 4 turns after some point. Then, the way the map is shown in SMAC, the perspective, makes it much harder to differentiate troops sometimes.
There are many of these spread across the map, so the exploration will not end completely until quite late in the game. And, if you destroy one of such hives the loot will be quite nice but you better prepare for a swift retaliation.
And, in these situations, unless you do anything about it, there’s a high chance that all the AIs will just keep cooperating and will try to keep their standings with each other, which is quite of a dull situation to be found in. And while the armor just applies a strength multiplier (the bigger and more expensive the better), the weapons are quite diverse in the effect they offer which allows you to refine your troop’s role. Deciding to attack a strong AI is nerve wrecking, especially when you suspect (or know) that they may have nukes, satellite bombardment operations and possibly even controlled singularity weapons.
And the hot keys should not be documented in a readme file but be present in a proper manual or in the game itself.
So, it’s common to end up with entire science cities, mining cities, resort high-tax cities, mixed production cities and other combinations, because each city does not need to feed their local population. So, while there are lots of techs to unlock, you can’t help not to feel that everything is happening a bit too quickly. The aliens also seem to stay away from well defended cities and will refrain from attacking much stronger units. It’s quite an elegant and micromanagement-friendly economy model that will surely keep you busy trying to figure out how to maximize your production. On other occasions, relations can go sour very quickly and this escalates to a state of perpetual war (or at least very hostile relations).
I sincerely hope the devs plan on implementing some kind of governments, social policies or a council system in patches or in expansions, because right now, diplomacy is a bit too predictable and dull.
For instance, some troops may be perfected to counter biological units while others may be stronger against mechanical units or airborne units. Preparing for war really gets you pumped in this game, and you’re actually required to think when devising your war strategies in this game. The vast grasslands of the and the golden plateau of the Masai Mara are a sanctuary for wildlife and the stage for one of the most extraordinary natural With this years wildebeest in beginning ahead of schedule, Brian Jackman tells you how to sign up for the greatest wildlife show on Earth Some 1.4 million wildebeest, 250,000 Burchells zebra and a smattering of trailing Thomsons gazelle make the yearlong, round-trip trek from Tanzanias to the Masai Mara in Kenya.
You can decrease the game pace at game setup though, but that also affects production speed.
So, and this is my personal feeling only, I think they decided to fully borrow SMAC’s factions and make a sort of parody to them. In SMAC you can use hotkeys for almost anything but some functions are not so easily accessible, they are sometimes buried one or two levels deep and can be harder to access if you don’t use hotkeys. So, the totally opposite effect, but it still feels like you’re stuck on a locked situation again.
Then, there are even special weapon effects like splash damage (damage by area instead of single unit), useful to counter huge military stacks. In this respect this is clearly much more of a war game than other 4X games like Civilization or SMAC. On, Mercury Rev unlock some of the mystical, lush qualities and strangeness that have popped up in their records over the years. So, Pandora’s economy system is unique, and that is definitely one of its stronger aspects. So, overall tech progression is enjoyable and the tree’s random nature is a very welcome feature which helps achieve more replayability.
Some operations require that you build a special building to unlock them, and they will get replenished from time to time.
They bring good numbers, attack in more than one front and are usually quite competent with the troops they bring, except a few times where they tend to spam low-ranked troop units all over the place. That is one wildlife encounter to witness among many during a visit to East, where mind-boggling scope and raw beauty are on full display throughout the year.
But, some further balancing would be welcome, and it would be great if the tech progression could make just a little more sense. Other operations are directly unlockable via research and you can produce as many as you want from that point forward. SMAC’s factions feel more real, are much more immersive (also due to the excellent voice over work, no doubt) and Pandora can only accept to come in second here.
Then there’s the flora, which is used in the game mainly as special resources found in the map that can boost food or production. But, usually, the AI does bring a good mix of units with different specializations (anti-tank, anti-infantry, anti-air, etc), and I never experienced any obvious suicidal missions. Operations are one of Pandora’s most important innovations and fun features, and surely one of its stronger points.
As it stands now, a huge game may feel a bit too big and too empty for just the six factions alone. Mercury Revs sixth album is a high flying psychedelic concept record filled with paeans to Mother Nature. Here is a 5 point guide to understanding the wildebeest For more information on the wildebeest read Peter Borcherts - founder of Geographic - story on the Magnificent Mara. The Annual Wildebeest is the annual mass movement of over 1.7 millions of Wildebeests, accompanied by over 800,000 of Zebra, and smaller numbers of Grants Gazelle, Thompson Get first hand advice on where to see the and Kenya in Africa - Find out the difference between Kenya and Tanzania Wildebeest is a dramatic story. Between the open plains of the and the Masai Mara, thousands of wildebeest and zebras migrate to greener pastures as the seasons change and the circle of Wildebeest of Tanzania and Kenya by specialists Natural World Safaris. There are safari lodges spread out throughout both Kenya and Tanzania that give you an opportunity to view the up close. This is a bit different from some other parts of where youre entirely dependent on charters. Contrary to my romantic miscalculations, the is not some primal tradition from the days before automobiles were used to track the animals movement. Create a mural representing one period studied in the lesson, such as the from, life in the South, the, Harlem Renaissance, or the Depression.

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