When Cycle Against Suicide founder Jim Breen agreed three years ago to take part in the Secret Millionaire programme, broadcast on RTE and Channel 4, he instinctively knew that what he was about to experience could have a positive and lasting impact on people who needed help.
The Galway native and self-made millionaire was 41 when, after much soul searching, he agreed to take part in the programme that required him to live alone for eight days on the minimum wage in Finglas, secretly searching for people and voluntary organisations that he could help. Living in a flat in Finglas, Breen came face-to-face with some of the toughest problems in the capital and he was able to witness first-hand the day-to-day struggles that individuals, families and voluntary organisations had to face - an experience that had a profound, far-reaching and lasting impact on him.In the course of his eight-day visit to Finglas, Jim was able to meet and significantly help four families and voluntary organisations.
Jim Breen will readily admit that for years he was a driven man, eager to push ahead in every possible direction with the Pulse Learning business he founded in 1999. The Secret Millionaire programme became a tipping point for Jim Breen to talk openly for the first time about his long-term struggle with depression. Earlier this year Cycle Against Suicide hosted a Student Leaders' Congress in the RDS which was attended by 4,000 students from 100 colleges. There is still time to sign up for next Monday's 5k run in the Phoenix Park - the launchpad for Jim Breen's 28-day odyssey. As we head into Week 11 of our running plan for the Vhi Women's Mini Marathon, motivation can play a key role in getting you through the final weeks leading up to race day on June 6.

David Gillick One meal won't make you fat and one meal won't make you skinny - it's all about consistency. Patricia Murphy An Irish playwright will debut a thoughtful play in Kildare next week, in which a young man re-examines his life from beyond the grave.
Depression had been with him for as long as he could remember and participating in the TV programme prompted Jim to talk about his own pain.That in turn led to Jim setting up the Cycle Against Suicide, an annual 1,400km crusade across Ireland that attracted 2,500 participants in year one, double that number in year two and this year is expected to swell to a massive 10,000.
There's no logical reason for me - it's more the signs and the symptoms that are indicators and you can spot it in the things around you as they slip. Jim hopes to average 10-minute miles during his run and put his final training preparations in place by taking part in the recent Kerry's Eye Tralee Marathon - finishing in a little over four hours.

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