Damage to Bobby Dudani's Computer Exchange shops in the 2011 riots cost him hundreds of thousands of pounds.
Celebrity agent Carol Hayes travels to an East Glasgow estate where life expectancy can be as low as 54, and helps charities for local kids and people with early stage dementia. Restaurateur Arfan Razak goes undercover in Oxford, where a quarter of the population suffer significant financial hardship. Self-made millionaire Mike Holland goes undercover in Grimsby, where the organisations he works with help him deal with tragedy from his own family past. Charles Allen has been Chief Executive of ITV and Chair of EMI; he's on the board of Tesco and Virgin Media, and the Olympic Committee for 2012. Mike Greene is a self-made millionaire who attributes his success to starting work at the age of seven. Dr Chai Patel used to own the Priory Clinic, the centre often associated with celebrity rehab.
Lee Stafford, one of Britain's most successful celebrity hairdressers, goes undercover in Salford, where his experiences help him come to terms with his mother's cancer and his brother's brain damage.
Inventor Edward Douglas-Miller had a privileged start in life but suffered tragedy when one of his daughters died at two days old.
When Ivan Massow started work as a 17-year-old insurance clerk, he spotted a gap in the gay market.
Celebrity hairdresser Adee Phelan, who has an exclusive salon in Covent Garden, meets the residents of Brooklands in Jaywick, on the Essex coast, one of the most deprived areas in the UK. Computing entrepreneur Aria Taheri came to England from Iran when he was 17, leaving his family behind.
Millionaire Lyn Cecil goes undercover to find people she can help in Islington, where, like in so many other parts of London, the super-rich and the desperately poor live side by side. Simrin Choudhrie, who's seven months pregnant, descended from Indian royalty and the heiress to a multi-million pound fortune, goes undercover in Burngreave in Sheffield to find people she can help.
IT recruitment entrepreneur Sean Gallagher travels to Middlesbrough to find people he can help, including a charity that assists people with a medical condition that has personal significance for him. Dawn Gibbins returns to inner-city Bristol a year after she went undercover as a Secret Millionaire.

Paul Ragan fulfils his promise to return to Derby in order to look for new way to make a difference in the community he originally visited as a secret millionaire. Sixty-year-old dotcom millionaire Marcelle Speller made her fortune relatively late in life.
Iranian-born Jahan Abedi, who considers himself Welsh through and through, has made millions from property. Scrap metal tycoon Gary Eastwood returns to Blackpool to see if the A?50,000 he donated eight months earlier is creating change.
Charlie Mullins has worked his way to a multi-million-pound fortune as the boss of a plumbing empire. Millionaire Liz Jackson lost her sight 10 years ago, but is determined that this does not define who she is.
Rob Calcraft, a flamboyant beauty industry magnate, lives undercover in in Barrow-in-Furness looking to share a little of his wealth with the local people who he's come to know and respect. Jennifer Cheyne leaves her luxury lifestyle behind and goes undercover in Aberfan, a place that still suffers the after-effects of the closure of the coal-mining industry. The former MD of Rover, 57-year-old entrepeneur Kevin Morley, is determined to venture out of his comfort zone. Season 6, Episode 5 S6 E4 Mar 22, 2010Fil Adams-MercerFil Adams-Mercer puts his success down to a strong work ethic. In order to deliver a personalised, responsive service and to improve the site, we remember and store information about how you use it.
He goes undercover in Bradford where he faces up to the impact of his career on his life and family. He goes undercover in Swansea, where there's been a 55% increase in the number of children taken into care in 10 years. He leaves his showbiz lifestyle to go undercover in Leeds, looking for people he may be able to help. Chai goes undercover as a doctor in Sheffield, to help people at the opposite end of society.
She has made her money as a confidence coach and now she's going under cover to look for people who need help.

He goes undercover in a prison for young offenders, but can direct personal help to a prisoner ever be right? He leaves his home in the Wirral to go undercover in Bootle, one of the most deprived areas of Britain. She visits Plymouth, where 25% of the population live in deprivation, to find people to help. He goes undercover to find people who might need his help in Doncaster, reassessing his opinions about unemployment along the way. He goes undercover in Newcastle's Westside, where he looks for and is introduced to people who may need his help. He attempts to help some of the people who are trying to provide an alternative to crime and gangs.
He leaves it behind to adopt a secret identity in Liverpool, but struggles with the realities of life on Anfield's tough streets. He goes undercover in Barnstaple, a pretty market town that is also one of the most deprived areas in rural England. For nine days, Rob leaves the property game behind to go undercover in the protestant Shankill Road in Belfast. Season 6, Episode 4 S6 E3 Mar 15, 2010Jahan AbediIranian-born Jahan Abedi, who considers himself Welsh through and through, has made millions from property.
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