Directed by Matthew Vaughn, written by Vaughn and Jane Goldman, and based on a comic book written by Mark Millar, Kingsman is a Kick-Ass reunion, lending a distinctly vulgar vibe to a film that otherwise presents itself as a spy genre classic. Just as Kick-Ass kicked things up a notch by bringing Nicolas Cage in as a Batman type, Kingsman achieves a casting coup of its own with The King’s Speech Oscar winner Firth as Harry, the Galahad of the Kingsmen. If Firth’s Harry is the Big Daddy of Kingsman, then relative newcomer Egerton is the Hit-Girl. The supporting cast is killer, too, with Mark Strong breaking away from his typical bad-guy mold as the Merlin of the Kingsmen — more or less 007’s Q. With a strong cast in place and a tried-and-true threesome of creatives behind the camera, Kingsman kicks ass, and a whole lot of it; nothing more, nothing less. When Eggsy is in the interview room at the police station, in a wide shot the tape recorder is on the table by itself, with nothing around it. In the bar scene when he locks the door then fights all the men, when he finishes he opens the door without having to slide the locks open. Near the beginning, as Harry gently takes the snowglobe from Eggsy, in the shot of Eggsy the snow is relatively calm, then in the reverse angle as Harry looks at it, the snow is instantly shaken up. When Eggsy and Harry are walking toward the Kingsman tailors just before he gets introduced to the new weapons, there is a long shot of them walking down the street and two silver cars are coming down the street behind them. After Merlin lands the plane and the team is greeted by two guards, their SCAR rifles are unloaded.

When the Kingsmen are looking on-screen at the dossier of the princess, the attached photo of her is just a screenshot from the earlier scene where she is at the dining table with Valentine and the Scandinavian prime minister, just before she is imprisoned.
Eggsy comes from a household with an abusive step-father, an unlucky mother, and an even less fortunate infant sister. Its cast consists of Oscar winners like Firth and Michael Caine, an aesthetic and tone that all but screams 007, and a convoluted villain plot that would make Doctor Evil blush.
You wouldn’t see Daniel Craig murdering an entire church filled with racist hillbillies in a Bond movie, for one thing, or breaking bread with the bad guy over a simple meal of Big Macs and fries. He’s the perfect British gentleman, complete with keen fashion sense and an appreciation of the finer things in life, like a good pint of Guinness. Eggsy demands a phonecall, the police officer leaves, and Eggsy then reaches beside the recorder and picks up a cordless phone which has appeared from nowhere. In the next shot the two silver cars that should still be in the background have disappeared.
Her photo was not taken at that point, and couldn’t have been attached to her private file.
He’s the de facto man of the house, even if he spends his time causing problems in bars, stealing cars, and spending nights in the slammer. He comes from out of nowhere and excels under the tutelage of someone much wiser and more experienced in the art of killing-all-the-bad-guys-with-umbrella-guns.

He plays Richmond Valentine, a technological innovator and Hollywood media mogul by day, and an evil environmentalist by night. On the villain side of the aisle, Sofia Boutella plays Gazelle, Valentine’s henchwoman who cuts down everyone in her path with the aid of two very lethal artificial limbs. Bond might take issue with some details, but then again, this ain’t that kind of movie. The top-secret organization consists of a murderer’s row of James Bond analogues, each of them named after a knight of Arthurian legend.
It’s an unexpected and awesome new side of the 54-year-old actor, who finally gets to embrace his inner-Bond. It’s a great breakout performance for Egerton, who more than holds his own in scenes opposite Firth.
Eggsy’s been selected as possible candidate to replace Lancelot, recently killed in action.

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