This "the cast of my brother and me" picture was created using the Blingee free online photo editor. After praising President Obama as the first black president, Wilmore closed with, Yo, Barry, you did it, my nigga.
President Barack Obama and daughter Malia make their way to board Air Force One before departing from Chicago OHare International Airport in Chicago on April 7, 2016.
Last week, I wrote about the emails uncovered by Judicial Watch related to Hillarys clear knowledge, the night of the Benghazi attack, that it was a terror attack unrelated to the video she publicly blamed for starting a protest.
It's not everyday you get to bring DJ Khaled on a date with you to the White House Correspondents' Dinner. Not a single member of the White House press corps is a registered Republican, according to survey results recently published by Politico. Even though President Barack Obama and his wife can't wait to get out of the White House, being a lame duck can hurt a guy.

Absurdly white blonde Scottie Hughes says Trump gives GOP DIVERSITY it’s never had before?! Apparently, the White House is bowing to pressure from the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (yes, such a position actually exists) and is going to look for alternate ways to bring Syrian refugees into the country. On Saturday at an event before the annual White House Correspondents Dinner, Mirren was asked by Variety what she thought about the presidential election.
Meme Exposes Fact That Convicted Sex Offender Is Behind “Gender Neutral” Bathroom Movement In N.C.
Scary Good: IMDb's Guide to Horror Can't get enough of movies and television shows that scare up a good fright? This title might contain multiple covers, scroll down to check the gallery or hit next button after opening gallery. Plot: Alexa is a very shy princess from a contemporary, modern kingdom who discovers a secret door that opens to a magical land.

Create great digital art on your favorite topics from celebrities to anime, emo, goth, fantasy, vintage, and more! Not A Single Reporter Covering The White House IS A REPUBLICAN appeared first on Progressives Today. Yet again, the White House is ready to throw money at something that doesn't work and no one wants. Probably not but while Trump talks about building a big wall the Secret Service is talking about building a bigger fence around the White House.
And we have now a society that tends to want to jump over the fence and onto the 18 acres,” Daugherty said in the briefing.According to the Secret Service briefing, the agency’s plans would raise the current 6-foot-tall fence to 11 feet.

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