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The indispensable research blog on the science of the modern workplace, covering everything from leadership and management to the behavioral, social, and cognitive dynamics behind performance and achievement. Successful organizations depend on successful teamwork, and according to Arizona State University psychological scientist Nancy J. For tasks that require a high degree of cognitive complexity, from brain surgery to manufacturing a car, it is impossible for any single individual to completely understand all of the components necessary for the task.
The problem with the perspective that drawing on this sort of communal knowledge leads to success is that it isn’t borne out in the real world. Having the right knowledge for a task is important, but Cooke’s research shows that cognitive processes – like decision making, planning ahead, and problem solving – are the real keys to successful team performance.
In studies of interactive team cognition, teams made up of three members – a pilot, photographer, and mission planner – were tasked with an aerial surveillance mission. Although each team member increases their knowledge of a task over time, their ability to share that knowledge with others is just as important to the team’s success.
Additionally, teams made up of strangers tend to perform worse than teams made up of people who have worked together extensively – regardless of their knowledge of the task.
In addition to promoting knowledge among employees, organizations may want to focus on ways to build and improve interactions and communication within teams as a way to improve performance.

A sample of new research exploring toddlers' learning using contingent video and memory processes as a means of "accelerating" attention. New research suggests that people can use gut instincts to make better, faster decisions — providing strong evidence that something like intuition does actually exist. A sample of new research exploring ebola and political attitudes, early stress and age of menarche, and top-down and bottom-up processes in the flanker task. The secret of a successful marriage lies in an extraordinary passion to keep the spark alive in your relationship. Eating some food items at their specific times is very important to get all their benefits. If you want to work with a real estate professional who can assist you in buying or selling Candlewood Lake homes, call me, Deborah Laemmerhirt, at (203) 994-4297. Cooke what you think you know about teamwork is probably wrong;  creating a high-performing team is about much more than simply trying to recruit the best and the brightest (which research shows can backfire anyway). Instead, each individual on the team contributes his or her own distinct perspective, knowledge, and skills to the team’s pool of cognitive resources. There’s an assumption that the shared knowledge within the team remains static across individuals. Just as individuals use cognitive processes, teams also rely on cognitive processes to accomplish goals. Each role had access to some unique information and some overlapping information, but in order to take as many useful photos of targets as possible, the team had to communicate efficiently.

Through their interactions, team members coordinate cognitively with each other, integrating their ideas and creating new knowledge, Cooke explains.
These studies help explain why teams who work together longer tend to have superior performance: Experienced teams know how to provide information to and request information from the right team member at the right time. The key lies in embracing each other with all imperfections and sticking together even through the worst circumstances in life. Performance points were lost for poor or missed photos of targets, the amount of fuel and film used, and varying the mission’s route. Bookmark us for new content every day and please subscribe to our FREE daily e-mail updates. Team Cognition as Interaction. Current Directions in Psychological Science, 24(6), 415-419.
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