Jung Yi Hyun (Sung Yu Ri) lost memory of her husband , Hong Gyung Doo (Yoon Joo Sang) and their daughter, Hae Deum (Kal So Won) due to amnesia. First script reading took place March 24, 2013 at SBS Tanhyeon Production Studio in IlSan, South Korea. NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 daily shows according to TNS Media Korea and AGB Nielson.
That being said, he does put in a much more refined performance than many "pretty boys" nowadays.
Although he has a good heart, he's so stupid and unrefined, I find it very dismaying when he tries to win Jung Yi-Hyun back.
I think the story and writing is seriously hampered by this choice, to make the Hong Gyung-Doo such a dumb guy.. Typically, you want the two romantic leads to eventually end up together, but as I'm watching this, I find myself wincing and hoping that they do NOT end up together at the end. I don't think it's believable that the Sung Yu-ri character would ever have been attracted to the Yu Jun-Sang character -- even though he has a good heart, he's just too stupid, coarse and buffoonish.
In any case, it's a MAJOR turnoff for me and I think the script should probably have undergone a total rewrite to make the Yu Jun-Sang character more attractive to the audience.. Meanwhile, Lee Sun Young (Lee Jin) will plays as her high school best friend and Park Soo Chang (Kim Young Kwang) will plays as her ex-boyfriend. A pity really, a different actor, or a more laid back approach by Joo Sang might have sold those early episodes IMO. You baddie you… making the false assumption that all so-called negative comments have malicious intent and waving that accusatory finger.
I’m glad he dropped that weird hair-do (one huge flip bangs) and high water tide pants before he met her at the cliff! When I first came to this thread, I read one comment about the character KD and chose not to read any more comments prior to that one because I wanted to come to my own conclusions. Actually, this drama has a good main story, but, unfortunately, become a little mess for 4 latest episodes, and also have to struggle with another drama, 100 Year Legacy. Sung Yu Ri and Yoo Jun Sang have a huge age apart, and they seem a little unbalanced chemistry.
This is the most heartwarming kdrama that I’ve seen during the first half of this year, 2013! YJS’s role as the crazy, odd appearance Hong Kyung Doo turned into the most solid, loving, and caring protective husband, father, son-in-law and friend which utterly blessed me! Even Choi Ki Tae, a chaebol son who married for the usual chaebol reasons surprisingly turned out to be a man who really was in love with his wife. Hv not watched Korean dramas for quite some time n wanted to watch Sung Yuri’s series.
With SBS’s weekend drama Birth Secret is a week and a half away from its premiere, here are a slew of stills from the show about an amnesiac woman trying to recover her lost memory.
The plot unfolds around two sad souls, played by Sung Yuri (Feast of the Gods) and Yoo Joon-sang) (You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly), who meet when they’re both ready to end their lives.
Her character has lost ten years of her life in memory, not able to recall the events between 1997 and 2006.

Playing Sung Yuri’s younger self will be busy child actress Kim So-hyun (I Miss You), who does happen to look quite a bit like her counterpart.
Lee Jin (The Great Seer) will play our heroine’s high school best friend (who backstabbed her over a guy in the Lost Years), whom Sung Yuri seeks out in her quest for answers. So we’ve got a premise that I find quite interesting and rich with potential, but I do think things might quickly devolve into overwrought dramatics.
Birth Secret will follow current weekend drama Incarnation of Money, which ends this weekend. The little girl is the one who played little yeseung in Miracle of room 7 she’s really cute. I know it has many elements of a makjang, but in good hands this drama could become quite introspective. Or maybe the aggressive plastic surgery in Korean entertainment circles has made everyone look alike.
Funny how lee Jin n her are playing opposites of each other bc I thought they are bestfriends in real life.
Many times early synopsis and premises of dramas do not reflect the twists, turns and intentions of the writers. She has lost ten years of her life in memory, not able to recall the events specifically from age 17 to 27. One thing that I didn't particularly like is that Hong Gyung-Doo is portrayed as a simpleton during his teens but becomes more like a mentally challenged person during his adult years. Typically, in most romantic dramas, you want the two romantic leads to finally unite, but I definitely don't feel that way about the Hong Gyung-Doo character.
Even though the actor Yu Jun-Sang is fairly good looking, the character he portrays, which is a stupid and somewhat buffoonish man, I find to be fairly unattractive. Is there a distinction between the two and does an idol draw a larger audience over an actor even if the idol cannot act.
Everyone should be critical for the right reasons, rather than for the sake of being critical.
The portrayal of YJS’s character succeeds to tell me that KD is a cute, simple-minded, straight forward, loving man. I agree with most of the viewers that the male lead is not so charming but as the show progresses, you will find his charm more appealing especially when he is not acting retarded.
Then again, I thought she looked a lot like many of the adults she’s been matched with, so maybe she just has that chameleon-like ability to adapt to their vibes. Kim Young-kwang (Bachelor’s Vegetable Store) plays the guy that Lee Jin stole away from her ex-BFF. Yuri look pretty in these stills, but dont adore the male lead even though he is quite good in my husband got a family. I generally hate it when dramas just so randomly throw birth secret and amnesia in as crazy plot devices but this doesn’t sound like one. She had had so far an interesting array of themes for dramas and leading men of various levels of skills and popularity. This drama will show us the journey to recovering her memory piece by piece, and also falling in love with him all over again.

I hated the fact when Jung Yi-Hyun tried to take away the only thing Gyung Doo has, his daughter. It's heartbreaking how she has to give up her father who is everything to her, and accept a mother who has been a stranger. He is the epitome of "wonderful" when portraying any and all emotions and manages to always me along with him.
You can check 100 years legacy page and see what it is going on…unlucky for the staff of this drama.
He look’s like he is crazy in the wrong way acting for expressing his thoughts and feelings. I shall remain one of the the happy few, who disdains the culture that puts political correctness above common sense and fetishieses moral relativism. No matter how far they go they may succeed to everything but they can’t have what they want. One of the recovered memories, for example, is her realization that she knows how to ride a motorcycle. I’ll wait for your recaps and instead re-watch Vampire Prosecutor, where at least the whole memory loss segment was done right! Doesn’t sound promising in the least, sounds like a recipe for overwrought acting and over the top melodrama. I dont think people should let the generic amnesia plot hold them back- since it seems to be nicely rehashed.
Meanwhile, Lee Sun Young (Lee Jin) will plays as her high school best friend and Park Soo Chang (Kim Young Kwang) will plays as her ex-boyfriend.
There were few complications in understanding whether Yi-Hyun recovered her memories from 1996-2006, they only showed few parts of her father with her. The separation between the parent and child is really heart breaking and you just can't stop admiring the heart of Kyung Doo.
He is not a "teased hair, mumbling, starry eyed" idol, but he has the strong acting chops and the versatility it takes to remain in that industry for as long as he has.
Both ladies are now married, but Sung Yuri finds herself with a man she doesn’t think suits her, and Lee Jin had dumped Kim Young-kwang to marry up. I will continue watching the whole thing unless the writer majorly screws up and starts to lag. Although Hong Gyung-Doo is kind hearted and a man of honor, still it would be more better if Gyung-Doo's character had been played by some other actor who is more mature.
Their daughter is a good actress, I cried in more of her scenes and i enjoyed her accent, makes her look so innocent and pure. This is a must watch, a really great family drama that will make you laugh, cry and remind us the power of love that a family can change a person.

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