Miss Marple accompanies Lady Virginia Revel to a weekend party at Chimneys, her family home.
A decades-old murder may be connected to a mysterious diamond theft.Masterpiece Mystery! La Herzoslovaquie est un pays d'Europe centrale qui attire les convoitises occidentales. A lavish weekend party sees Miss Marple (Julia McKenzie) accompany Lady Virginia Revel (Charlotte Salt) to her family home of Chimneys - a house which was once prized for its diplomatic gatherings, until a rare diamond was stolen from the premises over twenty years ago.
Virginia must decide by the end of the weekend whether to accept a marriage proposal from the tenacious career politician George Lomax (Adam Godley) or to follow her heart and the courtship of another more adventurous suitor, Anthony Cade (Jonas Armstrong).
Throughout the course of the evening a contract for the sale of the house is drawn up, only for the purchaser to be found dead in a secret passageway within its walls. Chief Inspector Battle (Stephen Dillane) arrives from Scotland Yard to investigate, enlisting Miss Marple's help. The Secret of Chimneys stars Jonas Armstrong (Robin Hood, The Street), Michelle Collins (Hotel Babylon, EastEnders), Stephen Dillane (Macbeth, The Shooting of Thomas Hurndall), Edward Fox (Oliver Twist, Day of the Jackal), Adam Godley (Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Cor Blimey!), Anthony Higgins (Judge John Deed), Mathew Horne (Gavin and Stacey, Horne and Cordon), Ruth Jones (The Street, Gavin and Stacey), Dervla Kirwan (Law & Order: UK, Doctor Who) and Charlotte Salt (Tudors, Beowulf).

At The Movies, Opening Shot, Good Game, Julia Zemior's Home Delivery, Save Your Life Tonight.
When an important dignitary goes missing, the search reveals a decades-old murder that might be connected to a mysterious diamond theft. When the bones of a long dead servant are uncovered, Miss Marple begins to realise that the secret of Chimneys is darker than even she had realised.
Tu finiras soit rien du tout dans ce monde, soit quelque chose d'effroyablement puissant et mauvais !
Les heritiers se succedent et avec eux les negociations sur les exploitations petrolieres se multiplient. Stephen Dillane (“God on Trial”) and Edward Fox (“Oliver Twist”) guest star.For nearly 40 years, MASTERPIECE has enthralled audiences with the works of the finest classic and contemporary writers interpreted by the world's foremost actors. The MASTERPIECE schedule breaks the year into three “seasons,” each with its own host, graphics and fresh take on the series’ famous theme music. Lors du precedent massacre royal, des memoires ont ete ecrits, son auteur depuis est mort, et un editeur les attend.

Comment sont-ils arrives entre les mains de Gentleman Joe alias Anthony Cade, un aventurier espiegle et beau garcon ? Cade va se retrouver dans la riche propriete de Chimneys, hote presque force de lord Cartheram aux cotes d'invites reunis pour une man?uvre politico-financiere a laquelle se joindra le Roi Victor, as du deguisement et de la cambriole. M катастрофа сумы эми кум мисуми кумико мицеллы миса миса мем мем мико мико мисо меня миссиссага m массовые мем мем мисо m муму пятна бедствий.
Le debut des echauffourees herzoslovaque fait irremediablement penser a Pierre qui roule avec tout pareillement un pays construit de toutes pieces, deux partis qui rivalisent de conserve pour une superiorite politique, et des plans qui dejouent de malchance.

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