Costco can be a daunting experience for first timers, and even for regular Costco shopper you have probably noticed many of their prices regularly change.  Aside from the regularly priced items, there are some amazing bargains to be found, you just need to know what to look for. If an item has a price tag that ends in .97, it has been discounted from the regular price.
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In an incredibly detailed post, Len Rapoport breaks down how the price signs indicate which items are marked down, specially priced, rebate items, discontinued, or will be not be restocked. Did you know you can tell a lot about an item by the price?  These are the Costco secret price codes you need to know about. Odd pricing, such as 79?, 49?, or 89?: These indicate specially priced items that Costco got a deal from the manufacturer. Rapoport says these can be better deals than at other stores, but not usually better than the 97? markdown.

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