I arrived in New York and planned to rely solely on my cell service until I found a permanent-ish living situation and could again get a land line. I immediately obtained a copy of my credit report to discover that there was a substantial claim against me - from MCI - for my long cancelled LA phone line! After my own lengthy journey down the Kafkaesque customer service wormhole, I was able to get the matter resolved, which was no easy task.

Many years ago when I moved from LA to NYC to pursue my graduate degree, I cancelled my LA phone service (then with MCI, remember them?).
A few years passed, and as I was about to begin my third and final year in grad school I received an alarming correspondence - that my student loans could not be approved because of an issue with my credit.
The whole thing was insane - especially because I was a current MCI customer in a different city whilst they were sending a collection agency after me in LA, without ever contacting about the matter.

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