Rose Cameron este o vaduva dintr-un orasel din Oregon, coplesita de datorii la banca si la medic, care incearca din rasputeri sa-si pastreze ferma si in acelasi timp sa aiba grija de fiul sau bolnav, Toby. Secret of Giving (1999) – 2016 Christmas Movies on TV Schedule – Hallmark Channel Countdown to Christmas, ABC Family 25 Days of Christmas and more! As Christmas approaches, a single mother struggles to raise her son and keep up the payments on her Oregon ranch, which is difficult since she’s heavily in debt. A young widow, aided by a lone rider, overcomes hardship to restore the faith of a town in time for Christmas.
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Per scaricare la copertina cd clicca con il tasto destro del mouse e poi seleziona 'Salva Immagine'. Un barbat misterios, Harry Withers, care incearca sa compenseze pentru greselile trecutului facand acte caritabile, intra in viata lui Rose si intre cei doi se leaga o relatie speciala. But she’s a tough cookie, and proves that a steadfast attitude and an open heart go a long way in surviving the cold hearts and greed of the Scrooges around her.
In chapter 4:10-13 Paul is presenting his own example to be content in any situation and circumstance of life. Of course there needs to be a reason for writing such credit note, like a student receives a scholarship or has done some work hours or has paid too much or has received a gift. Giving means to sow our righteousness to others, to share in an unfailing love and to work on ourselves for the good of other people.
The motivation of giving should always be to seek the benefit and wellbeing of another person.

Giving means actually that we are sensitive the the needs of other and try to be helpful in what is possible with that what we have available.
However, in the final greetings of Paul we can clearly see that the Philippians indeed had favor with Paul and all the believers that were with him and knew them. In the midst of a very severe trial, their overflowing joy and their extreme poverty welled up in rich generosity. There is deep secret of being content of life, in that there is a deep blessing and happiness in such a life. He is excepting it and it covers his needs, but he would rather like to seek another way to do so.
Such a credit note is always very nice because one knows the joy of the student when he or she receives it. From the Philippians we can learn that as an Christian we should have an attitude of giving. However, what Paul desires in their gift is the fact that by the giving of the Philippians more will be credited on their account. A credit note always tells me that I have received some money or reward towards my own needs.
Entirely on their own, they urgently pleaded with us for the privilege of sharing in this service to the Lord’s people. Since Jesus came on this earth and died for us He has got all the favor of the heavenly Father and of all his followers. We should be givers, not just of finances and any material, but of ourselves and of our time.

Each one must do just as he has purposed in his heart, not grudgingly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.” If we sow plentifully we will also reap plentifully. And as we could see in our preaching text today there is a great outcome for us as believers when we are giving, because an attitude of giving always credits, it always pleases and it always provides favor with people and especially with God by his grace. Even just giving a small part of time to someone and just listening has already an pleasing effect on another person. The giving of Philippians proved to the other believers the sincerity of the them and their commitment. In the same time he urges the believers in the Corinthian Church to also take this part of grace by giving.
As we are giving of our time, material and our being, God will credited it back to us abundantly. Of course we see here that there are also limits in pleasing people and it can turn to a wrong direction.
The church is doing that as a representative of God, who is caring of the need for all people.

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