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Adventure awaits 12 year old Brendan who must fight Vikings and a serpent god to find a crystal and complete the legendary Book of Kells. Aprasymas:I kosmosa istremto Halko erdvelaivis suduzo Sakaro planetoje, kuria valdo nuozmusis Raudonasis karalius.
Aprasymas:Bite Maja i kino ekranus pirma karta atskrido dar 1926-aisiais – praejus 14 metu nuo knygos pasirodymo.
Aprasymas:Klasikiniu pasaku rinkinys atgimsta itin originalioje animacineje komedijoje visai seimai.
Aprasymas:Magiskos vidurines mokyklos mokines atsiduria stebuklu salyje pries pat Sirdziu Karalienes gimtadieni. Aprasymas:Modernios karalystes princese Kara gyvena iprasta gyvenima, taciau viskas pasikeicia, kai princese pabuciuoja magiskas drugelis ir ji supranta igijusi super galiu, padesianciu kovoti su blogiu ir nusikaltimais. I believe I started doing this around 2002, not even aware there was an entire community of designers with the same idea: some retail DVD artwork just plain stinks. DISCLAIMER: The artwork in this section represents unendorsed projects created solely for recreation and graphic design practice.
May 2012One of my favorites from early 2012, and it saddens me to no end that it failed so miserably at the box office. October 2010This was the ultimate purpose of my Struzan-lite Avatar painting (see POSTERS). October 2010Outside of any given Pixar effort, I can't recall the last time I was this enamored by an animated film.
May 2010Never before can I remember being as delighted to have the film's hero talk me to death. December 2009Tarantino's WWII frenzy was one of my favorites of 2009, and felt its home video release deserved something a bit more stylish than a Nazi helmet hanging from a baseball bat. December 2008How does a prematurely cancelled TV show plus its underperforming theatrical epilogue make one of the better sci-fi sagas of the generation? September 2008People just didn't get this one, and while I sort of understand why, it still didn't deserve to tank as badly as it did.
September 2008Seeing as the movie took some cues from the old Bill Bixby series, I took some myself; the front is inspired by that image from the TV series intro that blends Bixby's face with Lou Ferrigno's.
April 2008One of 2008's many pleasant cinematic surprises; why they released it in January (aka Dump Month) is beyond me.
December 2007I blind-bought this and was totally blown away by its epic scope yet very personal feel.
November 2007Tried to go for something different than the previous DVD covers, while staying true to the film's overall look.
November 2007This movie had such a great, stylish poster campaign, and they botched the DVD design.
July 2007This one sits side by side with Terminator 2 as James Cameron's best film, in my opinion. May 2007This one took a second viewing for me to really appreciate its length and slow pace, and it now holds a revered place on my DVD shelf. June 2006Yamulkes worldwide were tossed into the air in celebration with Angelina's declaration of 'I'm Jewish.' There were actually some elements from the retail cover that inspired this, like the bullseye design and the limited color scheme.

October 2005Thus began my insane love affair with Frank Miller, and with stark black-and-white-and-red color schemes. In order to finish Brother Aiden's book, Brendan must overcome his deepest fears on a secret quest that will take him beyond the abbey walls and into the enchanted forest where dangerous mythical creatures hide.
Bet didziausio populiarumo pasaulyje sulauke 1975–1980 metais Japonijoje kurtas televizijos serialas. Piktoji ragana Delamorta kudikysteje uzkerejo princese Roze - iki astuonioliktojo gimtadienio ji isidurs pirsta astria adata ir ji bei visa jos pilis simtui metu uzmigs giliu miegu, o si burta gales panaikinti tik tikrai mylincio vaikino bucinys graziajai Rozei. Animacinis serialas apie niekaip nenurimstancio ir nuolat i keblias situacijas patenkancio isdaigininko Sono nuotykius buvo pradetas rodyti 2007-uju pavasari Didziojoje Britanijoje, o dabar seriala gali stebeti net 180-ies saliu televiziju ziurovai, tarp ju – ir Lietuvos.Kaip zinia, aviukas Sonas turi neprilygstama talenta savo nekaltomis isdaigomis nuolat privirti pakankamai daug koses, kuria tenka srebti tiek jam paciam, tiek visiems aviuko draugams. Stebuklu salies vidurineje jos sutinka zavinguosius Raudonaji ir Baltaji Valetus, taciau mokykla valdo sukta ir nieksinga Dzokere, kuri daro viska, kad sutrukdytu mergaitems baigti jos priziurima stebuklu salies vidurine. Nuo tos dienos Kara skraido po karalyste ir sprendzia zmoniu problemas, taciau apie pasikeitimus suzinojusi pavydi pussesere susiranda ta pati drugeli, pavagia jo bucini ir igavusi supergalias tampa blogaja heroje… Merginu konkurencija tiesiogine prasme pasieks dangu, nes vyks dausose, bet gal yra kazkas sioje karalysteje, del ko pusseseres nustotu kovoti ir susivienytu? No infringement of copyright has been intended, and no profit has been generated by the artist in their creation.
Finger-pointers blame poor marketing on Disney's part, a point backed up by the lazy retail Blu-ray artwork, thus my revamp, which I based off the red tribal markings used in the early trailers. By popular demand I also produced a cover for the movie-only edition first, while this cover was designed specifically for the Extended Collector's Edition released months later. Vendetta may not have been subtle as political commentary, but it's thrilling and engaging nonetheless. They should have just called it 'Liam Neeson Will Mess You Up', 'cause that about sums up the plot the movie.
With the secrecy surrounding the film all the way up to its release, what else besides 'Government Coverup' would suit the artwork? Of course that applies to plenty of movies I own and love, but few were as instant a delight as this one. The overall design is inspired by the 'graffiti litter' that overwhelms the urban settings, and I'd be lying if that spraypainted headshot of Clive Owen wasn't inspired a little by ol' Che Guevara.
This one as a challenge, as there was very little in the way of high-res resources to start with. The retail artwork was so abominably cheesy I had to do something; granted the film itself if a big plate of cheese, but it's so epically, explosively, enjoyable cheesy that it deserved better advertising.
Just be sure you're watching the Extended Cut; film purists will tell you it's the only way to go. The front didn't work out quite how I'd hoped, but Henry Fonda's blue eyes make a great focal point. I started this right after I'd seen the movie, just knowing they'd muck up the retail artwork somehow.
I actually love the retail artwork of TGTB&TU, but the image of the front was so strong I had to get it onscreen. Vienas is ju – Drakula, zmogaus kojai neizengiamuose miskuose pastates ypatinga viesbuti – prieglobsti visoms pabaisoms, kurios is tikruju pacios bijo zmoniu. Pries keleta metu Bite Maja i televizijos ekranus parskraidino jos tevynainiai vokieciai, emesi kurti savo seriala. I used the title 'John Carter of Mars' because it better conveys the film's content, the film itself ends with it, it's what the director wanted, and dang it, it just sounds better.

The film is a feast for the eyes, and making a custom cover for it is a task I could best describe as daunting.
Went for the the Struzan-style collage again for the front, and I think I hit the mark a lot closer here than I did with Indiana Jones. I didn't like Resident Evil: Apocalypse all that much, but I had to get it to complete the set.
Inadvertently (I swear), the front cover wound up looking remarkably like the cover of The End of Evangelion.
Pries trejus metus du uzuojauta stebejome, kaip Drakula supanikuoja, i slaptaji viesbuti netiketai uzklydus klajojanciam jaunuoliui – zmoniu vaikui bei susierzina, kai neprasytas atvykelis ima akivaizdziai simpatizuoti jo dukrai. Paskatinti sio serialo sekmes, kurejai nusprende apie bites Majos nuotykius papasakoti ir kine. Likus dienai iki astuonioliktojo Rozes gimtadienio jis issiunciamas pas septynis nykstukus, kurie gyvena uz septyniu kalnu. Aviukas Sonas nusprendzia siek tiek pasilinksminti, taciau netiketai ivykiai pakrypsta kiek netiketa linkme.
Linksma muzika ir ryskus personazai nepaliks mazyliu abejingais, o ju teveliai suspes pailseti, kol vaikai sveciuosis pas Kitty! Designed this with 'propoganda' artwork in mind, in the vein of the film's similarly-themed promotional campaign. The blending of the Mona Lisa with Tom Hanks' face happened almost by accident, and I'm surprised it works as well as it does.
Do not pass go, do not collect $200, do not find the Maltese Falcon, do not deliver the Ring of Sauron to Mount Doom, do not fulfill your life's ambitions, but always look on the bright side of life.
Lietuviskai igarsinta istorija pasakoja apie bitute, kuri labai issiskiria is kitu mazuju zyzliu burio. Programa sukurta padedant Japonijos kudikiu ir ikimokyklinio amziaus vaiku auklejimo instituto direktoriui Abi Naomi. Berniukas, kurio susilauke jo mylima dukra su jau minetu atvykeliu, nelabai panasus i vampyra. Deja, keliaudamas pas nykstukus Dzekas paklydo ir pateko i raganos spastus.Delamortos dziaugsmui, issipildo liudniausias scenarijus. Suprates, kad ir vel privire koses, aviukas Sonas mobilizuoja fermos gyventojus ir visi kartu iskeliauja gelbeti mylimo seimininko. Smalsioji bitute trukdo suktai priziuretojai Buzlinai regzti savo plana – ji ketina sukirsinti taikias bites su pavojingomis sirsemis ir paverzti avilio karalienes sosta. Princese isiduria pirsta, jos gelbetojas pagrobtas ir visa karalyste uzmiega giliu giliu miegu.
Kartu su kitais viesbucio gyventojais kraugeriskasis senelis padarys viska, kad anukelis taptu tikru savo gimines pasididziavimu.
Mazi narsus vyrukai leidziasi ieskoti Dzeko - vaikina reikia pargabenti i pili ir pazadinti snaudziancia princese.
Taciau ar visu gerbiamo senolio pagalba pades nelaimingam Drakulai pagaliau atversti savo anukeli i „doros kelia“?

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