The writing of this book started in 1999 when I was beginning my research on the late heiress Sarah Winchester.
My journey of initiation started with baby steps: here and therea€” sudden flashes of insighta€”stunning bursts of epiphanya€”eureka moments of discovery that gradually became more frequent and revealinga€”just as Sarah Winchester had planned.
Winchester and the remarkable mansion she had built in what is now San Jose, Californiaa€”now known as a€?The Winchester Mystery House,a€? California Landmark number 868. Most of them are shades that were only previously found within their different palettes but some are brand spanking new.  I settled on two brown shades that are not in any of the Urban Decay palettes I already own, Lost and Secret Service.

As my research progressed, I clearly saw that the a€?Housea€? was ingeniously built to serve as a multifaceted puzzle. Winchester nor did I have the slightest idea that she would lead me on an extraordinary journey of discovery that has transformed my life. Winchester had cleverly written a concealed story into the very fabric of the Housea€™s architecture. Everywhere, in and about the House, she left a brilliantly crafted trail of distinct cluesa€”clues for the a€?initiatea€?a€”the pure, unbiased seeker of truth.

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