Warenkorb 0 ProdukteAb 97,97 EUR liefern wir innerhalb von Deutschland versandkostenfrei (Ausnahme: Nachnahme)! The Secret of NIMH 2: Timmy to the Rescue movie belongs to Family genre and was released in 1998. Then, after finding a girl mouse, a mouse who’s parents are captured, they set off to find the great owl. Dale known as storyboard clean-up artist George Elliott known as additional storyboard artist John Howley known as storyboard artist Dan Kuenster known as storyboard artist Vincent Liu known as overseas art director Mario Piluso known as storyboard artist J.C. Ponce known as prop designer Shivan Ramsaran known as additional storyboard artist Louis Scarborough Jr.
Thelate Elizabeth Hartmann most excellently provided the voice for the humbleand brave female protagonist rodent, Mrs. Brisby, and made the timid littlemouse bigger than any animated character on the screen I had seen yet.
You can see the frigginPIXELS!!3) Has god-awful backgrounds painted in naive primary colors4) Has god-awful animation which was allegedly outsourced to a bunch ofanimation sweatshops in eastern europe.
And I don’t mean incidental, or is that accidental stuff youcan just crank the volume down at. The critters are alla-singing and a-dancing, and the songs are shrill and cacophonic andperformed and orchestrated like high school theater plays. My heart falls when I think that an entiregeneration is likely to remember THIS travesty as the only NIHMmovie.This is little more than a piece of Direct-to-Video drivel, moulded rightfrom the formula that Disney has, as of late, ironed out and pushed down ourthroats.

I read the reviews, and I rented thisdisc-shaped fragment of decaying bovine excrement anyway…. This so-called sequel to The Secret Of NIMH is nowherenear the creepy-yet-cute level of the original. It’s childish, badly written, and the producers tried to compensatefor the faults by encasing the thing with gloss. The animation is trulySaturday-morning level, and I was cringing every time a familiar characterpopped in — they had been stripped of whatever edginess they had previouslypossessed and given voices that grate harshly on the ears of long-time fans. The songs were painful and completely inappropriate every single time, andthe story was just plain dumb. The animation sucks, the voice acting is justlaughable, the main villain, Martin, is just as hilariously bad as thevillain in Warriors of Virtue, and overall, the film is a completejoke. No offense guys, but if youplan to sugarcoat the premise just to appeal to kids too young torealize that this movie is pure garbage, consider yourselvesincompetent morons who think selling bad sequels to films many considerto be nostalgic masterpieces is a great idea, 'cause guess what? Oh yeah, and did I mention that this movie had noconnection to Rosco and the Rats of NIMH (the book sequel to Mrs.Frisby and the Rats of NIMH)? Not the story itself.Fans of the original Secret of NIMH should stay the hell away from thisgod awful monstrosity, and if you saw this whole movie, you have mygreatest sympathies.
The Land Before Time sequels were moreentertaining than this, and I hate those too (the first LBT was puregenius, BTW). This is similar to when Conan the Destroyer came out, asit gave a big fat middle finger to fans of Conan the Barbarian.

You just ruined apiece of my childhood, and you should be ashamed, even though it hasbeen 11 (now 12) years since you made this garbage.You know, Timmy was the sick mouse Mrs. If you watch thesequel to one of the greatest animated films of all time, you wouldwish Timmy had died of pneumonia or squashed to death by the farmer'stractor. If you like this movie, consider yourself someone whoneeds to get their brain examined, because I can't find one sane personwho likes this garbage. Sure it isa direct to video sequel, but the cheap production values really showhere.The animation was horrid. And the singing waseven worse, it was as if the vocalists thought they were singing in aschool end of year production.The dialogue was pathetic, and held no correlation whatsoever to theoriginal or the parts of the book I read. Timmy came across asrather whiny and annoying, a far cry from Elizabeth Hartmann'ssorrowful and poignant portrayal of Mrs Brisby who you hardly see inthe sequel, and Dom DeLuise was nowhere near as funny as he was in theoriginal. Ialso thought, and I am probably the only person to think this, that thevillains were rather lame. The story is dumb, theanimation is horrid, the music is revolting, and the acting, if you cancallit that, is possibly the worst part of this movie. Oh sure, it mightentertain a not-too-bright 4 year-old, but then again, what wouldn’t?

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