When the Constructicons begin mining on a distant asteroid, Optimus Prime calls on Omega Supreme for assistance, only for a long-standing enmity between Omega and the villains to come to light.
During his own orbit of the Earth, Cosmos catches sight of the operation and reports in to Autobot headquarters.
For weeks, Omega tracks the Constructicons, until he captures them and tries to reprogram them. Knowing that Omega's judgement might be clouded fighting the Constructicons, Optimus orders him to remain on Earth unless Prime himself gives the order to head to the asteroid.
In space, Cosmos gets a sample of the ore from the asteroid and brings it back to headquarters. Once on the asteroid, the vengeful Omega immediately attacks his enemies, wildly smashing open a huge fissure. In the meantime, Prime uncovers Megatron's ore-processing facility and singlehandedly destroys it.
Near the beginning of the episode, when Hook is talking to Megatron, Sideswipe (an Autobot) is standing to his right. While being attacked by the Robo-Smasher, Omega Supreme's left upper arm and elbow disappear, making it look like his blaster arm is floating in air.
At several points throughout the course of the episode, the Constructicons are shown standing or walking as a group of only five members, with one of the six members erroneously omitted. When Megatron is testing the ore, Hook is shown with him even through the Constructicons are on the asteroid at the time. Regardless, the Constructicons' origin is complicated by a flashback in "Five Faces of Darkness, Part 4" in which the Constructicons are shown creating Megatron, which contradicts both previous origin stories.
These different origins for the Constructicons have become notorious as one of the biggest continuity errors in the series.
The Constructicons are shown on Cybertron with their current Earthen alternate modes, millions of years before any of those vehicles ever existed.
According to both Omega Supreme and Optimus Prime, the reprogramming effects of Megatron's Robo-Smasher can never be reversed, but in "The Core", Wheeljack and Chip Chase were able to sway the Constructicons to the Autobots' side with Dominator Discs. Optimus Prime's surprise at Omega Supreme's post and function (MOS) back on Cybertron doesn't make sense, considering he had been given the Matrix and thus the rank of Autobot Commander about three million years before Omega's encounter with the Robo-Smasher. Why Omega Supreme is different from a Guardian Robot (such as being sentient, unique coloration) is unknown. The Constructicons talk to Omega Supreme outside of "Crystal City." They wanted to talk about anything because it had been a while since the last time they talked.
In present time, Omega Supreme flies to the "asteroid" (actually an egg) and attacks the Constructicons who were mining some ore.

At the end of the episode, Optimus Prime says to Omega that maybe one day he might be the way he was on Cybertron (happy and talking like a normal Autobot).
La serie obtuvo gran exito y repercusion alrededor del mundo, creando una franquicia que hoy en dia continua siendo exitosa en animes y recientes producciones cinematograficas. You know Wayward snapped this solely because it's got a nice shot of Bonecrusher in the background. Guided by an unknown force, the rocket lands on an asteroid and then directs that hunk of rock into Earth orbit. One of his assignments is guarding the Crystal City, the creation of his friends, the Constructicons. At first, it appears that they have been restored, but on their way home, the Robo-Smasher corners them.
The entire asteroid breaks in two like an egg, hatching an alien creature, which flies toward Earth.
Powerglide, Ironhide, Smokescreen, Tracks and Beachcomber move to stop it, but fail after several attempts. He demands that Omega stop his attack and instead clean up the mess he created by releasing the creature. He confronts the creature and leads it back to the asteroid, where it eats its fill and then flies off into space, never to be seen again.
Both Optimus and Omega express hope that he might one day regain some of the feelings that he lost. According to Omega Supreme, millions of years ago, when he was the guardian of Crystal City on Cybertron, he befriended the then-benevolent Constructicons.
However since this was a flashback that was told with no visuals for Optimus Prime to see it just means that the animators decided to go with the already familar look, instead of going with new transformations for the Constructicons. However, this could be due to the fact that Cybertron had been moved much closer to the Earth. Devastator forms behind Omega Supreme's then proceeds to hold him down for the Robosmasher. Omega failed to become a Decepticon, but he would never be the same, living only for vengence against the Constructicons. A door on the rocket opens, revealing the Constructicons, who step out and signal Megatron of their success. During a one-on-one chat, Optimus senses that Omega is holding a grudge against the Constructicons and demands an explanation. Unfortunately, they are altered by Megatron's Robo-Smasher and permanently changed into Decepticons.

Prime has just ordered Omega to destroy the asteroid, and now he's regretting that decision. Prime tells Omega that only he can save Earth by luring the monster back to its food supply on the asteroid. Megatron subsequently rewrote the Constructicons' brainwaves, turning them into a combining force for evil.
The Constructicons then trick Omega into leaving his post, and during his absence, they destroy the city. The machine goes to work at reprogramming Omega; he is able to pull away in the middle of the process, but the experience leaves him scarred and emotionally barren except for his desire for vengeance against his former friends. When the Constructicons escape, Omega threatens Optimus, but the Autobot leader refuses to back down and reminds Omega of his past. This story contradicts Megatron's assertion (in "Heavy Metal War") that the Constructicons were built "recently" on Earth. After losing his friends, his job and his city all in the same day, Omega swears he will first help his friends recover and then will get vengeance on Megatron. However, he might have been referring to their current bodies, akin to what happened with the Combaticons, so this account of their origin isn't entirely invalid. La serie fue animada en Japon por Toei Animation y Corea del Sur, y producida por Sunbow Productions y Marvel Productions. Omega Supreme (1985, 2008) Accessories: 2 small shields, 2 medium shields, 2 large shields, 4 armour halves (A, B. Omega Supreme (1985, 2008) Accessories: 2 small shields, 2 medium shields, 2 large shields, 4 armour halves (A, B, C, D), 4. Omega Supreme (1985, 2008) Accessories: 2 small shields, 2 medium shields, 2 large shields, 4 armour. Watch Transformers - Season 2, Episode 29 - The Secret of Omega Supreme: Omega Supreme seems a bit off lately and Optimus wants to know why.
Unusually in the Transformers comic, Omega Supreme’s speech bubbles are often rendered.
The Omega Supreme toy appeared in the October 2, 1986 edition of the Family Circus comic strip. Find transformers omega supreme and transformers g1 soundwave from a vast selection of Toys & Hobbies.

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